week 284

I’ve been focused on making a dress and another top, from the three fabrics I showed last week, except ran out of interfacing, so can’t sew everything together.

I showed the lace top last week, so now the other two fabrics.

The dyed velvet will be a layer to put under the lace top, or by itself. Not sure why I cut the pieces huge as there will probably be quite a bit of trimming off, since making a tank with blue velvet before, with this same pattern, and it fits perfectly so unsure why going up a size was needed.

yellow velvet tank pieces

The dress itself is coming along.

dress pieces

Measured it yesterday and have no idea how all the seams are two inches. The pieces are all mostly there. The skirt, pockets, top pieces, sleeves and facing bits for the top. Nothing is sewn together.

neckline drew out and about to be cut out

Originally was going to put in a button placket, but after a few hours of using scrap fabric and it kept getting sucked into the machine because nothing was interfaced, and the fabric is stretchier than I expected, decided to make it more simple. Could put in a zipper in the middle but since there will be an elastic waistband, decided this will be pullover style.

Will cut the part away for the neckline and put a piping or binding between the main body and facing parts. Unsure what to do with the open end of the sleeves, but will probably put binding on them, also. Hopefully, whatever I decide, all of this will be done by my birthday.

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