week 285

My whole week was having yarn not play nicely with what I want it to do. I’ve gotten a bit far crocheting something, but up until this point, it was knitted and frogged twice.

First time, after spending a good chunk of Friday and Saturday on it, did the initial row, then two rows of doubling stitches and it was ruffling to the point of annoyance. The second time around, just wasn’t happy with the end result of slightly chunky yarn not showing basic eyelets.

I’m not happy with what I’m seeing again, so will probably frog it yet again.

crocheted a few rows with yarn

It actually lays flat but not happy with how it looks, as it looks better in knit form. Not sure why but yarn in crochet form is lighter in colour than it does knit. It also doesn’t look as good with the extra white yarn so will separate them.

But, go figure it took almost a week to figure out knitting the yarn will look better. I spent a day crocheting this and it looks meh.

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