weeks 286-288

I didn’t realise there wasn’t a blog for almost a month. The kiddo had spring break and in that time became a year older, and just lost track of time.

In that time I was making some sort of progress on several projects.

The dress is nearly done, except the hem keeps flipping up so the bit that shouldn’t be showing is exposing itself. Also, it needs belt loops so I can put a belt through since the elastic made it impossible to put it over my head.

dress using cloud fabric, hanging up

The stitching is wonky but it’s so comfortable (it feels like pyjamas) because the fabric is a stretchy cotton.

The lace shirt is being a pain the ass, because the collar is being more problematic than it should be.

collar, attached

Originally was going to have a peter pan collar, but then decided it would just be easier to have a round collar. Trying to put a suitable seam on it is the problem because whatever I do shrinks the collar and makes it hard to put my head through.

For some reason, the whole collar didn’t feel like fully attaching. Might have trimmed it a bit much but I measured and it’s exact when the collar is sewn up.

So…unattached it and will add a bit of velvet then attach the velvet to the neckline and go from there. Probably should just make seam binding with the velvet and be done with it.

Meanwhile, several knitting projects are still ongoing.

Knitting the upper front yoke

What originally was going to be a cardigan will be another oversized pullover. I’m moving the button placket up and trying to figure out how to make full-sized cuffed sleeves.

two yarn projects. one using laceweight blue yarn and the other alternating white and variegated blue and pink (and purple?) yarn

Found a bit of laceweight yarn and went from knit to crochet and back to knit. Not sure the end result.

Also, the other one I keep frogging will be knit and I want to put simple lace blocks.

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