week 289

After spending so much time trying to get two things sewn and perfect….Well, they’re sewn but need to put them on the back burner and fix them later.

top and camisole
closeup of lace top and camisole

Upclose it doesn’t look obvious the collar of the lace top hangs odd, as the front and sides somewhat stick up while the back lays down, while wearing it. The straps and armhole bits on the camisole are just messy and need to fix them but the rest of it is a bit loose and not problematic. (Yes, the camisole is inside out, in these pictures)

The knit former cardigan, now pullover is coming along, and just as sloppy.

I am tempted to redo it and remove the buttonholes from the yoke. It’ll probably be more even, also, if I did it as one whole piece and just added the buttons as embellish.

closeup of button yoke

I started the sleeve and frogged it because I started increasing the sides at a weird angle. Have restarted it with another stitch. Also want buttoned cuffs on the sleeves, but will add those after the sleeves are done. The basic K1, P1 for a couple inches (about 5cm) then garter, increasing every inch (2.54cm), for another four-six inches (about 10-15cm), until getting to the armpit, then whatever.

start of the first sleeve of the knitted pullover

Okay. I’m finally trying to semi-follow a pattern from an old Vogue Knitting issue, and by old I mean less than a decade which is not old, and it’s not going well, because lately basic math is thumbing its nose. Maybe if I use the yarn used for it (which isn’t available anymore) and the size needles then it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s substitute yarn (which is also not available anymore) and larger needles. I had to frog it three times because my stitch count was off on row three and just gave up and went with it. None of the rows are the exact count and really can’t be arsed, as it won’t look exactly like the photo. Am not making a hoodie, but instead doing a pullover where the back and front are the same and the sleeves are as they are written.

For reference, the pattern is in Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2012, number 24.

beginning of a Vogue Knitting pullover

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