weeks 290-292

Didn’t realise I had put this blog on the backburner and neglected it, as my head swore there was a post last week. It’s been three weeks of no posts and really there’s no excuse for not blogging, other than my focus has been scattered on various other things.

The gold lace fabric and dyed velvet are being refashioned into a cropped jacket. Sewing the collar onto the shirt was such a pain, so naturally, the next step was to take it apart and want to make a capelet, but then realised it would make a cute bolero. Some projects aren’t signalled four steps ahead and just whims.

Right now, it’s in pieces. Only the lining and main body are sewn up, but not attached to each other. The wrong sides are showing in this picture, and the sides are pinned together. Only the sides pinned together will be sewn then turned inside out, then the collar will be attached and the raw edge on top will be (hopefully) inside the collar.

main body and lining
sleeves and collar and hem of lace jacket, plus another top in pieces underneathe

The main body will be lined but the collar, sleeves and hem won’t be lined. Hopefully it turns out, but not sure why there isn’t enough material to line the sleeves. I’m guessing when I originally cut the camisole, it left a lot of too small leftover pieces.

Another jacket is in the process of being made, in crochet. Finally found a use for the yarn that was knit together then separated because it didn’t look right. Since it’s self-striping, the aim is just to consistently make sure the blue is on top.

start of the second front in crochet striped jacket

The knitted sweater is still a process.

I thought both sleeves were finished then attached the second sleeve and it wasn’t wide enough, so am reknitting the second sleeve. Ought to reknit the first sleeve but I’ll decide after reattaching the second. Also removed the button placket from the top front and will just knit one whole piece. Maybe the top should mirror the front, maybe it won’t.

start of the second sleeve on the knit sweater

I really need to learn how to plan out projects better.

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