week 293

Expect next week’s post to be about a paragraph long, as Eurovision has rendered me incapable of focus. The second semifinals doesn’t start until the next hour, so have time right now to blog. People can protest all they like, because of where it’s located this year, but the point of Eurovision is to give people an excuse, at least for a few hours, to come together and celebrate the commonality and community of music. I can’t give my two cents on who I want to win, as I haven’t seen the second set of performances. So far, I’m indecisive between Australia and Greece. Iceland will do well with the televotes, but unlikely with the juries, although I will laugh out of joy if they are in the top three in the final on Saturday.

I didn’t get much done over the past week.

So, it won’t be another crochet cardigan. It will be a buttoned capelet.

striped capelet without button placket and the top of the front parts

It’s going to look nice when it’s done. I haven’t done the top of the front parts, and the button placket between them. Not sure if I will add anything to the bottom, maybe just outline the shells.

Have no idea where I’m going with this.

start of anotherknitting project

My mission to learn how to make cables starts here, because I’m adamant it needs to happen. Mastered simple purls and knit stitches, so want to stretch out to being comfortable with cables and lacework.

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