week 294

As I pointed out last week, not much was done over the past week, because being glued to one’s laptop for half the week isn’t conducive to much of anything getting done.

The capelet is almost finished as it just needs four buttons. It ends right below my elbows.

puffy pastel capelet

An even closer view of the button placket. Originally was going to knit the buttonholes but it just looked off, so everything is crochet. In the future would have to make sure the holes don’t expand, so will have to currently make them a tad smaller than they are now.

no buttons on up close of button placket of puffy pastel capelet

The other bit of anything is learning how to knit cables. It’s decent for the second time. (First time involved trying to knit the cables back and front on the piece when it’s just worked on the front. The problem this time around is the holes forming on the sides of the cables, which I’m guessing is normal and fixed in the next row.

basic cable knitting

Originally I was doing 12CL/12CR cables but they didn’t look right, so frogged and halved everything. It was K10, P10, 12CR, P16, 12CL, P10, K10, then P80 but now it’s K5, P5, 6CR, P8, 6CL, P5, K5 then P40. At times I’m counting 41 stitches so messed up at some point but it looks nice and will look nicer once it’s blocked.

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