weeks 295-296

Knitting is a slow, slow process, so the cable scarf is being done bit by bit.

simple 3/3 cables scarf

A bit obvious where I joined the second ball of yarn. Need to get a bit more yarn then do a second half then connect them in the middle.

This will take a while.

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend trying to figure out how to use dpns and failed. Mostly knitted a hat (crocheted a few rows to make the brim smaller).

semi-blurry picture of a rocking horse wearing a beanie or beret, with a view of the scarf nearby

Not sure why but have yet to take a clear enough picture of the hat.

Oh and made another pillowform.

fabric scraps made a pillow form

What was formerly a couple bags, I separated them then sewn all the pieces together into a huge rectangle. When it’s fully stuffed, I will sew closed the open end.

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