week 331

Have been on a bit of a kick of trying to make hats out of red felt because it’s what I bought. This is my way to protest um someone ruining red baseball caps. Also it’s nice to make accessories which take up less time than anything else wearable. Basically, accessories are appetizers and dresses are the main meal. Besides my next huge project is the red velvet suit and it would nice to have a matching but not exactly matching, if that makes sense, something to wear alongside.

First done was a beret. It took a few hours and tried to make the top a heart but it looked awful so, the next day, made the shape a more rounded off triangle.

Sideview of most of the red beret

Second hat was supposed to be something else. Tried to make something else but kept cutting the inside circle of the brim and it became too big so had to scrap that. The pillbox is the leftover from that one.

Pillbox hat with veiling

Thought I was nearly done with this yesterday but the stitches looked messy and picked them all out and basted stitches and will sew it all together then fix the binding to the inside.

After screwing up, bought more felt and trying again to make a trilby or whatever it’s called. It’s in pieces still. The brim is currently wide but the outside edge could be trimmed a bit.

Second hat in pieces.  Outside red felt and the lining is white and brown

Just a hint of Valentines for Dylan’s classroom. I plan on making them paper and felt hearts and making chocolate biscuits plus white and milk chocolate swirled fudge for the adults. I’m not lining the hearts but attaching them to paper.

small and big hearts

Haven’t covered the canvas with black gesso but imagine this covered in black gesso and the lightweight cardboard cutout spaces in variant amounts of yellow, pink and white. I sprayed the canvas back with hot water but it’s still a bit wrinkly on the bars.

Canvas with cardboard cutouts laid out

By the way, Cheap Joe’s sent the cross braces and I don’t think they fit the stretcher bars. Supposedly anything bigger than 24” needs braces in the back and I just need to suck it up and learn how to build my own stretcher frames if I want to paint anything huge.

cross braces with part of the stretcher bars

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