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weeks 334-335

Spent most of last week sewing a bag for my niece and it came out so wonky. She didn’t mind. It was more she was around and wanted it finished before she left. The mesh was supposed to be on the outside but kept turning it inside out backwards, so it stayed that way. It just looks awful and it’s embarrassing but she loved it.


Didn’t get much embroidery done.

Bit more embroidery added to canvas

Lately, my focus has been finally deciding on what to do with this. It will be a cardigan with another yarn as the sleeves and collar, and possibly edging all around. But right now just have the oversized back and one front finished. The yarn has gone from knitting to crochet back to knitting and it will be crochet. First row is hdc/htc but the rest are alternating hdc/htc and then going into the stitch below and front loop of next stitch, and hdc/htc that stitch. Not sure if that’s clear.

week 333

The painting is finished. Added orange tinged pink paint in a few spots. It took longer to apply the gesso layers than painting over it. Both white and black gesso have their plusses so think I’m using both from now on.

Can’t stop fussing with the hats but it’s finally at the point one is actually pretty much done. Stitching is a bit wonky but bought red feathers and can sew some onto the pillbox. I also redid the lining.

Redid the main part of the other hat and kept the brim. It fits better but need to add some ribbon to cover the raw edges inside.

 two red hats

Started embroidering onto the canvas using the dyed fabric. I’m not sure if it’s obvious what it is at this point. One person was able to figure it out without my telling them first.

Dyed canvas with embroidery on it

I used up the rest of the resin and made a couple things. The one I call the glitter vomit dome was cast in some rounded plastic container with a few dents and it’s kind of nice but need to sand off the bottom a bit more (did a light sanding while watching The BRIT Awards) and put felt underneath so I can use it as a paperweight. The other one was a bunch of Halloween bits and bobs because I got tired of going through Dylan’s toy bin and finding them in there. Especially the wee plastic spiders. I didn’t let the parts sit and am not too fussed about the bubbly cloudy nature of either one.

Sideview of resin objects
Upside down view of the front of the resin objects