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week 244

I spent part of a day, last week, quickly putting these together but only one is in finished book form.

various paper and book covers

I got an idea to do a self-portrait and this is planning out what I’m doing. It’s impossible to sew fabric onto panel and this isn’t the end product. The actual thing will be on canvas, where there is no gluing fabric into place. I’m unsure if I should do an half is this and other half is this for the whole thing, or just partial, but it’s leaning towards half and half on top but the rest is whole.

self portrait idea

Finally sewing the squares together in the quilt top and part of them are together. Still quite a number of rows to add, and none of the squares line up. I’d be bothered if one lined up so just sewing everything together, row by row, without worrying too much.

partially sewn together quilt cover

Just had to share this image of my shoes contrasting with the fake grass. I was standing outside in a play area with my son and nephew, and just pointed down because I wanted some sort of proof I wore the shirtdress I made, and because those five or six dollar shoes are cute. This is the resulting image. I took another one but part of the slide was showing.

picture taken of my red shoes on green grass

week 229

I’m just being completely lazy about everything.

Especially the striped pullover.

Because this is how far I’ve gotten.

Just added the first row of the second brown stripe.

starting on the second brown stripe


I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of blank canvas boards and small bits of red and pink paint and see what my kid and I could come up with. He wasn’t interested even though I know he’s painted stuff in class, because I’ve had a lot of moments where I try to scrub him clean several times and he still has paint or marker on his hands.

I only did this just to see what the paint looks like. It will make a nice background for something but no idea what to layer over it.

layered waves with pink and red paint mixed with white

(And the resulting paint palette)

palette on the left of the canvas board


Used up one thread for the embroidery project. I’m not sure what it will look like in front but I plan on layering all the greys on that side. Probably should change to the bigger hoop.

back of embroidery with one thread starnd used up


I am making a small rug using up that yarn that I wanted to make a vest for Dylan, but it didn’t turn out. This is the first layer of the rug, as I plan on attaching to the top of it.

(By the way, this is the cleanest my rug has been in weeks, because various projects have been worked on there. Sunday, I had several things there.)

second rug with bottom right corner turned up, mat attached to the bottom


All the leftover purple yarns (there may be more in the closet) will be knit into something, not sure what at this point.

various purple yarns to be knit


week 228

Various projects came into my hands and attention span.

Started on knitting a few rows of the next colour of this pullover.

Except when I rewound the green, I did it in reverse, so pulling from the middle, resulted in the yarn looking lighter, but it’s the same yarn and the variation will make it look nice.

So, this might give you an idea of the stripe order.

adding green stripe to striped top


Embroidery has always eluded me.

For a while, I’ve had several bits of embroidery thread and just couldn’t find someone to give them away to, so finally making some use of them. I separated them into colours and decided to use the greys, greens and lavenders in this project. I think purple and green together is one of the worst combinations but piling them together

This is what the back looks like as of this morning. I’m using up all the thread instead of just a bit of it.

The thing about embroidery is it’s one of those things you need a basic plan and most everything I do includes a brief sketch of some inkling in my head, which is usually not the end result, but this is one of the rare times where I just make random stitches and see what will happen. This is just an experiment, and the process will prove as a useful lesson in whether it’s something I want to pursue further.

Also, I bought a water-soluble chalk pencil in case.

By the way, as an experiment, I made a circle from yarn and tried to put that in another hoop and it would not fit. I did weave some yarn into it but took it out not long afterwards. I’m sure if you use fingering or laceweight it could fit into a hoop. Crafting should be fun and I like to mix things up, and want to work on two or more craft skills at once.

messy back of embroidery project

I have a limited palette of acrylic paint and was bored.

I changed up the girl’s lips but the changing her lips from a dark to a light blue didn’t look right, as I kept making her mouth bigger and bigger.

painting after changing a few things

I should have kept her highlights the same and her skintone was perfect the first time around. I went nuts with the white paint and she looks odd now.

The one on the right took way less time. I literally painted once, made dinner for my son and myself then came back and added another layer. Added a few dots of bronze marker.

paintings- altered portrait and beach waves

I finally attached a rug mat to the bottom of the rug I had made a while ago.

after rug mat is attached

And, I’m not sure what to put over the edge to cover the raw bits of mat.

up close of rug backing, post attaching

week 221-222

Happy New Year.

There’s something refreshing about the idea of starting over with a clean slate. Except, every January involves me trying to finish up as many projects from the previous year. And I have many.


I’ve made some progress on the oversized pullover I’m making with the Red Heart’s Unforgettable Yarn in parrot. I’m not sure I’ll be done with the amount that can be seen at the top of the photo.

The shoulder seams aren’t joined and still need to add the rest of the bottom before adding the second colour.

progress on pullover using Red Heart yarn

And, an up close of the stitches for the pullover.

I originally was trying to do a basic spike stitch but instead of using the front loop and going to the one below, it’s back loop and going into a stitch on a lower row. It’s an alternate of hdc/htc and making that spike. It’s colourful and the colours sometimes abruptly end which is I like.

upclose progress on pullover


I got bored one night and used up some nail polish to paint with. The pink blob in the middle completely throws it off and looks awful. I’m not sure what I can add to even it out.

quick painting with nail polishes


Was quite surprised to get a really pretty yarn bowl for Christmas and just showing it off. I wish I knew the one who made it but obviously my sister-in-law won’t tell me who she bought it from.

yarn bowl in various yarns


I don’t think I’ve shared this before but these are the crystals I’m crushing, to turn into pigment. So far, only one has been problematic to turn into powder, because of its hardness. Yes, it’s not exactly free of toxins and a lot of them are much paler than I expected, but the end result will still be worth it.

I’m not exactly so awesome I could charge the crystals with good energy but whoever ends up with the painting (or paintings, depending on how much paint I end up having), I can promise I’m in a good mood while creating.

In a sense, every piece of art, whether it’s a tv show or the glass you see in some doors or whatever that’s been created, some essence of the creator is a part of the end result. We’re constantly leaving behind pieces of ourselves, whether it’s obvious or not.

crystals and containers


I cut out the alphabet from the tissue box and was almost worried I would be one letter less because the letter N was a pain in the butt because I kept doing it backwards.

I want to use these letters and for each letter, make something to represent that letter. One of my friends is having a baby in May but I want to make a book for her and her kid out of the end result.

alphabet made from tissue box cardboard


It took me five seconds of staring at the nail polish painting and figured out what it needed.nail polish painting

I turned the pink blob into another head and so it’s three ambiguous heads looking outward, into maybe water. There’s no name for it, as of this moment.

Weeks 216-217

Currently in the process of making a beanie for one of my aunts, so this will be a semi-quick post.

Among the various projects, in various states of being, was able to finish the shawl using up red and pink yarns leftover from other projects.

It was supposed to be rectangular but prefer it in asymmetrical form, lack of a better way of describing it, from not paying attention.

finished red and pink shawl on my bed

It’s not obvious but I did a sc/dc at the bottom of the shawl which just outlined the curviness of the shawl.

finished shawl with red and pink yarn

It wouldn’t look bad as a skirt if I chose to close it, but like it as is, and the top can be folded down if need be.


I made two crochet strips for this project and it’s going to be a mix of knit and crochet. I should have made it with a bigger set of straights but it doesn’t matter. The way I’m connecting it will make it all work.

knitting a strip for another project


For the painting, I’ve started crushing up crystals to turn into pigment.

For Black Friday, I was able to buy linseed oil and poppy oil last Wednesday, but Michaels only sent me an email saying the poppy oil is being sent, and nothing about the linseed oil. I called yesterday but they said, if I hadn’t gotten an email by Saturday, I should call them back and see what can be done about it.

By the way, I wouldn’t recommend this route but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it’s been a practice in patience. Next time, I’m just buying oil paints and it wouldn’t be taking this long.

purple crystal in chunks while being turned into pigment

Yes, I’m crushing an amethyst. Out of all the crystals so far, this is the only one that actually looks mildly like the colour I’m crushing. Everything else looks like some variant of grey.

My cousin gave me the crystals and she assumed I would crush them and add them to paint, and the intention is to turn the crystals into pigment.

By the way, there is something about taking out your frustrations on materials. I am using a mortar and pestle to crush the crystals and, much like making bread and kneading the dough, being able to pound the heck out of something to turn it into powder is fun.

taped out sections for painting to be

I have a sketch drawn out and taped up the canvas into sections. The parts covered up will still have some of the dye exposed, when the tape is removed. I don’t know how it will be outlined.


I alternate between knitting and crochet, and have been wanting to make another pullover. Have been mysteriously “collecting” green and yellow yarns and have been wanting to make something with all the yarn, and one can never have enough pullovers.

This is the colour scheme, from the bottom to the top.

Colours for striped knit pullover

This is the main (fifth) sketch of the pullover, which probably will change at some point, but pretty happy with the idea after doing several sketches.

sketch along with the beginning of the striped pullover

This is the second stripe, the first white row. The rows will be all about the same size, except the top row.

beginning of striped pullover, yellow and white stripes

By the way, I made more dye. I added yellow rit dye to the pot of reddish water and did the hot water than washed the fabric in the washing machine.

orange dyefabric in dye

The velvet went from white to matching the lace that will be part of the dress. One day I will have red dye but keep making orange-brownish dyes.

The bottom one was dyed a dark colour and thought bleaching it would remove some of the colour. I need to use dye remover and make it off-white again.

week 211

After getting a couple canvases at Michaels, I used the leftover dye and stained one of them.

I kept applying layer after layer, until getting impatient, and dumped the rest on the canvas and moved it around with the brush. I don’t mind the messiness of it, as you can see in the upper corner and at another few spots. Plus, a lot of it will be covered with at least one other colour.

I have yet to buy a mortar and pestle to crush the crystals into fine powder, which will be the pigment for paint. Sadly, I was researching it and can only use oil or acrylic paint on canvas, otherwise the longevity isn’t great and will peel because of the material. Would like to experiment with more natural paint, so need to start stashing wood bits and pieces and turn them into panels, or use paper.

canvas with dye applied


Didn’t realise these are blurrier than what was assumed, after looking at it on the preview window of the camera.

This is a close up of the stitches of the top using the Red Heart’s Unforgettable, in Parrot. I like the randomness of the colours as it means it doesn’t matter which colour it is when adding a new ball.

shows stitches of parrot top

An equally blurry picture of the top on almost its entirety. It’s around 14 inches, or 36cm. I haven’t measured the sleeve, from side to side. Even if it’s on the longer side, I don’t mind. I prefer sleeves at three-fourths or nearly covering my pinkie finger length.

blurry full view of parrot top progress


I am finally using the Leigh Radford pattern for the circular shawl out of her AlterKnits book, which is one of my favourites, and pretty sure one of the first craft books ever bought, around a decade ago, when I picked up crochet after failing hard at trying to learn how to tat with a shuttle. It’s the book that I would constantly turn to and wish I could knit, before finally just forcing myself to learn how. Having both opens up the possibilities of what can be made.

I’m using the pattern as a starting point. Instead of attaching fabric inside, I want to make various tubes of different lengths. It could turn out messy or it could turn out amazing. Was careful about joining the ends together then made an extra stitch, connected it to the first stitch before knitting both as one stitch.

circular knitting project


By the way.

Making clothes for children is a slow process, but have been trying to draw up pattern pieces based on the measurements taken crossed with generic 3T sizing.

week 169-170

Who has two thumbs and badly maintaining their weekly blog? ME. I’m pretty awesome at procrastinating.

So…what have I been doing in the meantime?

I made a terrible painting.

blue painting with beads and stuff

This was an experiment in how much stuff can I add. There is a layer of paint, then put perfume (I used up a lot of the Stella rollerball perfume I had sitting about), then two markers, embroidery, beads and more marker.

I thought the perfume would have completely disappeared by now but if you’re standing near it, you can still smell it. I’ve always liked the idea of impermanence, of how everything is transient.

What else have I done?

I’ve started vlogging on YouTube purely to amuse myself. I’m purposely making them boring for now while I’m getting used to having a camera in my face.  So far I’ve been using my iPhone6s, which is only 16mb, to record stuff but I like having a limited amount of time to talk about nothing. I don’t expect to become a famous YouTube star because I don’t have a niche and expect to be one of those channels no one knows about.

This is my YouTube profile:

I tend to film on Sunday which is why I look like a hobo that never changes their clothes.

There is a project I started.

Originally, I met this guy but we’ve had a falling out since then, but we were planning to come out with a webseries and have been in the planning stages of it for a bit. I still want to do it and it could be easier getting it done without him but he’ll still be credited with the idea. It won’t be kid friendly as there are a few scenes I’ve told friends about and one of them promised to make sure one scene I have concocted in my head, to make it go viral. I can’t halfarse it and want to make something my friends would watch, make them laugh and make them proud of me.

I have so many plans for 2017, but not sure how many will actually be accomplished.