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week 278

The two studies are finished.

cool and warm studies, greens and blues on the cool side and orange red and yellow on the warm side

The original intention was what can I make with three materials. I ended up using five. Both are first layered with Crayola watercolours. On the left was just one colour, which was a bluish-green and the left was two mixed together. I wasn’t paying attention and the red-orange and orange-red look interchangeable.

After they dried, I taped up the canvas boards in random order and it just turned out the cool side was squares and the warm side was triangular and circles. Some of the circles didn’t stick on and popped off when I was applying the colours with oil pastels. Smoothing them out with my finger didn’t make them completely flat, but neither did applying poppy oil either. They dried for about a week, taking longer because I left the tape on for an extra day, I had let them sit with thumbtacks so I could lean one against the other.

Before poking holes, I sprayed them with fixative spray and let them sit for half an hour. By the way, if you’re indoors, make sure you have the windows fully open and the fan on full blast, I might have gotten a headache for about ten minutes because the smell was gnarly. Left the room after a couple minutes, but that was enough.

Thumbtacks don’t produce big enough holes but luckily, I made use of a bookbinding awl and poked big enough holes to thread an embroidery needle through and attached the embroidery thread through. I like the openness of cool side, and wish I made the warm side more even.

Now I want to analyse both and take elements from both and incorporate them into a larger scale. I finally used the Michaels giftcard and bought a 70″x72″ (178cm by 183cm) canvas fold and a couple sets of 48″ (122cm) stretcher bars. Still need to get the cross brace for the back and some gesso, then go to town on that painting. I’m going to layer a thin wash of acrylic paint, then oil paint, then use laceweight yarn on the canvas. I wonder if I could attach crocheted chains but we’ll see.

Currently looking to frame the studies together but 16’x24″ (41cm by 61cm) frames is an unusual size. Want the middles to touch but not precious about the other sides.

The weaving is finished and it’s uneven on the right side, because when I tied off the ends, I did it a bit tightly.

finished weaving

A couple of the fringe bits are not even and it just needs a trim but it looks like this. This is what the weaving looks like if you keep turning it around but this looks much better than anything else I’ve done.

Most of my time has been spent doing this has been otherwise taken up with this.

wound yarn bits

I don’t remember the blue but the green one is from Knitpicks.

yarn still to untangle

This has been sitting in the closet and am finally sucking it up and unwinding it all. It’s not going to be in one piece, obviously, but it will be usable at some point. Wish I didn’t get it in this condition in the first place but laceweight yarn is such a pain in the arse with a mind of its own.

week 277

Lately, I seem to only focus on two projects per week, or mainly one and another to do while waiting on the other.

Been mainly focused on one project. Have been wanting to see what the end result if I use three specific things, has turned into four. Got two blank canvas board, then covered them in (Crayola) watercolour. Then, after that layer dried, covering them in painter’s tape (made the mistake of using packing tape which I’m not sure why I assumed it wouldn’t ruin the back), then on the exposed areas use oil pastels. Originally was going to just put fixative over it, but my genius brain thought to put linseed oil over it all, in hopes to smooth down the oil pastel as much as possible. Smoothing it out with my fingers still left spots where it wasn’t completely smooth. I didn’t use linseed oil, instead used drying poppy oil. Also, never leave the tape on the panel or such while it’s drying. Still. I have quite a bit of time on my hands while it finally reaches the stage where I can handle it without oil smothering my fingertips.

blue-green squarish and red-orange-yellow circular examples

This is how they look, after the tape has been removed. The tape slightly outlines the pastels on the right, which you can’t tell from this photo. To make the smaller circles, I used those circle label stickers. More than one popped off when I was rubbing the oil pastel over it. For the big one, I taped on one of the ends of the cardboard from a ribbon spool. Using yellow stickers under that colour was mildly comical as I had to remember where they were attached, so they could be removed. It’s also kind of annoying that my intention was that, positioned this way, it would be left leaning, but the size gets more attention than the intensity of colour. The cool colours were supposed to lean right, and the warm colours lean left. The official thing will be changed so it reflects that, and it’s obvious they will soften into each other, and not be hard like these examples. Right now, the materials is more important than anything else.

I’ve stuck thumbtacks in the boards for two reasons. I can safely lean them against each other without their accidentally touching, so they don’t smear onto each other. Also, that’s to give me a rough idea of the path where I’m applying the embroidery thread when it is finally safe to handle.

After everything is finished, I want to do a comparison and take the best elements from both and incorporate them into something more cohesive.

While they’re drying, a bit of playing with yarn.

red weaving

This is an experiment with different textures, as in changing the yarn so it’s crocheted or knit a bit before weaving it in, but staying with monochrome red yarns. It looks nice with the blue peeking out. My problem with weaving, thought, is I never get it tight enough so it doesn’t hang weird. Perhaps because I don’t have that bar underneath it.

week 249

I already showed this to the person I plan on sending to, and she approves, so can show it off here. Even though it’s not perfect, it looks quite nice. Working with floral tape on a humid day made it stick even more.

It took four items: thick ribbon (with wire), thread, wire (used 20 gauge jewelry wire), and green floral tape. Non-wired ribbon makes more circular flowers, so it depends on what you like.

Basically, you thread a piece of ribbon at the bottom then tie the loose thread together together, so it’s closed, and sew the ends together and thread through the same side as before and cinch it up then knot it off.

You turn the flower over and sorta make sure everything is underneath. After you make the number you want–I made an odd number, but it doesn’t matter the number– you wrap wire around the threaded bottoms. I wrapped them about three or four times then pinched the wire.

Most of the flowers were wrapped with opposite ends of the same piece of wire. I didn’t measure anything, so can’t tell exact measurements. After everything had wire attached, gather it all into a bunch, adjust so they’re all level and wrap the floral tape around it, starting under the flowers, then cut the wire peeking out with a jewelry wire cutter.

blurry photo of ribbon floral bouquet

It looks better on the loom but this is the weaving finished and hanging. I should cut the pole, but will just make a second weaving and hang that on the same bit of wood.

multicolour weaving

Last week, I started knitting this with Tahki Stacey Charles’ Lena yarn. Four days later made a first bit for a pullover. I started the second piece yesterday. I should have added less grey stripes and just added them before every odd stripe, but I’m happy with this and need to make three more. I don’t know if I have enough of some of the yarns for the sleeves, but am tempted to just make all grey sleeves.

Also, I realise my default knitting mode is stripes and stockinette.

striped pullover in pieces

These are all the yarns used.

The grey varigated one is Yarn Collective’s BloomsburyDK in soot. The purple under it is the Tahki Stacey Charles Lena yarn in colourway 003. Yarn Stories’s Fine Merino DK in Mulberry, Fuchsia, and Duck Egg. Yarn Stories’s Fine Merino and Baby Alpaca in Thistle. KnitPicks” Aloft in Cosmopolitan. The one in the middle is Phydeaux Yarn’s Blackberry Bramble. For a short period, I had a Yarnbox subscription and feel like I’m one of the reasons why it’s shutting down this month. I use the Aloft and Fuchsia together.

yarns used

week 247

I started this a couple days ago and just randomly experimenting. The orange bit is crocheted then woven in, couple rows where I chained the yarn then wove that in, then the rest are just woven in. It looks odd but like the texture. I’m going to add a bit more orange then end on more blue. This looks good the way it is but unsure if it will be turned upside down. Depends after I attach fringe at bits.

(In case, you are wondering if I ever will get around to that blocked canvas on the left. I have not finished crushing up the crystals, so whenever I get around to doing that, then I can finally make paint and work on my painting.)

medium sized weaving project


The hat isn’t finished but this is nearly it done. I want to add a bit of netting, which should have been applied underneath the bits of flowers.

In case you want to know what I was aiming for, if you look at the corner underneath, is the original pattern envelope, with a picture of what is it supposed to look like.  Instead of leaving the middle space free, I covered as much of it as possible because I like it that way. I’m that bad at following directions especially when it’s just words and limited illustrations. I am not a milliner but have been watching a bunch of YouTube examples. It’s amazing, how once you know what you’re doing, it looks easy, but otherwise it’s just material and questioning at every step what you’re doing with all the material.

hat in progress


I had leftover ribbon from making some of the flowers and decided to make a floral bouquet with it. I plan on gifting it to someone I talk to on Twitter. I’m a bit excited it will belong to someone who lives in New Zealand, as I’ve never sent anything to anyone that lives there.

This is just step one, where they’ve taken on the shape of flowers. Basically, you take a bit of thread and thread across the bottom of a bit of ribbon, scrunch it up, sew the free ends of the ribbon together, then gather the bottom with the rest of the thread and tie off the thread. All the sewing is done on one side and you flip it over and have your “petals”.  I need to buy green floral tape before attaching the wire. Am going to attach some green crochet leaves, then that should be done and ready to send to her.

blue ribbon flowers


The not so secret block blanket is coming along, but has taken the odd shape. Need to add semi-triangular shapes to the sides, attach a few things and will be done.

This is the back.

crochet blocks blanket

It’s not obvious with this but I layered netting over the velvet. I tried to colour one piece with paint and got more paint on my hands than on the netting. After putting that down, I put two more pieces over that and didn’t bother gluing it down, as the next layer will keep it attached. Do I know what my next layer is? No.

layers on board: velvet ribbon, netting


week 210

My mother’s birthday was late last month, and one of my brothers gave her flowers. I was taking out the rose petals as they were slowly wilting until they were all slightly worse for the wear.

Yesterday, I finally purchased a stock pot and boiled the petals to remove the colour. Unfortunately some edges had already lost their freshness and had some pale brown bits. Also, I’ve never made dye from nature before so this is a whole experiment in what ifs.

I boiled the petals in distilled water for an hour then let the petals seep in the water overnight.

water with rose petals and without petals

I let the rose petals sit for another hour until I took out most of the rose petals. It turned this beautiful amber brown colour.

yarn being weighed

I have a postal scale that I use on occasion and have to re-calibate it because it kept changing the weight, so it’s somewhere between 50-85 grams.

(Just for your amusement but my brain somehow assumed packages weighed in other countries goes kg mg, and have no idea why I skipped over grams. I changed it to pounds and ounces but am trying to retrain myself to also consider things in metric.)

yarn in liquid

I let the yarn soak in the leftover distilled water, but didn’t think too much about alkaline and acidic when I felt it needed more water and just added sink water, then weighed it down by filling the empty gallon container with more tap water.

I let it sit in the bucket for a few hours then squeezed out the excess water. Most of it is one of the fingering yarns from Knitpicks and I’m not sure what the other small bit is from, but probably also from that website.

I added about a half tablespoon of alum and the same amount of cream of tartar to boiled water then added that to the liquid. I made the mistake of taking out some of the liquid post adding those, for another project, but I doubt alum and cream of tartar would affect being used as a watercolour coat on canvas.

After boiling all of it for about forty minutes or so, the water turned more brownish and less amber.

I somehow expected the yarn to be dyed darker and with a bit of red, but the yarn looks pale brown. I’m letting the yarn sit in the dye overnight, but doubt it will get much darker than it already is at the moment.

I’m not sure what I will do with the end result but it’ll become something.


progress on parrot yarn top

I made the top part seven inches in length and broke the yarn, then started working on the main body.

For some reason, I calculated that I started with 180 stitches, but recounted and started with 160. I was going to make the main body 120 stitches, but had to frog that and make the main body 60 stitches. At this moment, it’s around four inches or around ten centimeters, in length. The sleeves will be seven, with something between them, then the main body will be fifteen inches, or thirty-eight centimeters, then an extra bit at the bottom.


first part of weaving

I’ve been wanting to weave again for the longest time and actually made two looms, but sticking nails in an empty frame didn’t hold up. I was successful with cutting out notches in the cardboard. I tried to line them up but I’m not sure they do, but it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things. I don’t mind things on the wonky side. I am used to small scale but wanted something bigger.

I’m going to use the frames and attach muslin to them and use those as canvas.

So far, I have only one part down, as I’m currently indecisive over the rest of the colours. The layout has already been determined, it’s just what colours.


fabrics for constume

One of my older brothers is dressing as Chewbacca this year. (And the picture proof cracks me up.)  His son’s son, my great nephew, is going to be dressed as Hans Solo. I’m sure you can tell which version by the fabric.

I took some basic measurements on Monday but basically will wing it.


progress on this knitting project

And did a few rows of this project. I know it’s blurry. I was going to take another one then had to charge the camera battery.

week ninety-eight

I’ll start off the week by saying I’ve frogged the pink and grey knitting project because I decided to use the yarn for another project.

weaving five

Finished this over the weekend but haven’t removed it from the loom.

ombre tank top

This took two or three days.

The bottom turned into a peplum after I was experimenting with the stitches but then went back to just half treble or half double stitches.

I didn’t write it down but it started off.


Hdc/Ht next row.

Make sure ends are not twisted and slipstitch ends together.

This is where it gets vague.


Hdc/Ht third and fourth row.

Hdc2tog/Ht2og then hdc/ht* Next two rows.

I think Hdc/Ht the next four rows then Hdc2tog/Ht2tog the next two, before returning to Hdc/Ht the rest of the rows, but can’t tell from looking at it.


I didn’t do anything to keep the colors from jogging and actually like the angle they make. If I really wanted, it could be worn it so the unevenness will be on the back.

Also, at some point, (wasn’t paying attention and) changed the needle size, going from H to J.

I also split the second color into three balls so I knew when to add colors.

The straps were guesstimated, worrying they would be too long. Originally ch35 but redid it to ch40 then three rows before attaching them to the back. When I made the chain then attached it originally, it kept twisting on me.

It isn’t blocked and still have to weave in the ends but I have tried the top on and it fits perfectly and ends right after my belly button.

The more I look at it, the more I want to turn this into a dress. I don’t like close fitting skirts so will have to figure out a way to make it loose.

week ninety-seven

yet another weaving

Started this weaving and can’t decide on the color for the upper half.

necklace idea

Had an idea for a braided necklace but it’s not wide enough to fit over anyone’s head.

This one was done with nine pieces of ch50 then braided by threes.

Shouldn’t be too much trouble to find a clasp big enough to hold in the ends.

striped circles

Started another circle today.

I learned playing with my phone makes me more nervous, but playing with yarn doesn’t.

Was waiting to pick something up and the person there was busy running around.


main part of a crochet flower

Suppose the idea of a flower came into mind and this has resulted so far.

Have to do the stem and a couple leaves. The leaves I keep making so far look decent enough, though.

new knitting project

Started a new knitting project and have absolutely no idea where this is going.

I have to add that I’m finally making a dent in my yarn stash which means, as soon as I am able, I get to yarn gawk and get pretty new skeins.

week ninety-five

Quicker than usual post.

Was going to post this yesterday but my headache took over last night and caused an earlier than usual bedtime, so my priorities shifted.

In case you’re wondering why my sheets look different, I was doing laundry at the time.

connected circles

The circles so far, connected.

Haven’t bothered to weave in the loose ends just yet.

Definitely need more circles.

shawl/wrap up close

shawl/wrap stitches

Started this shawl or wrap last week, after finally deciding what to do after the constant starting and undoing of the yarns. Basically, I took out one of my books and just winged it using one of the stitches.

The container, I had it in, had two crochet hooks and so have no idea when I switched up to a bigger hook.

weaving four

A fourth weaving.

Worsted weight yarn barely fits in the crevices of the weaving loom but still works.

week ninety-four

oil pastel and pencil on paper

I’ve had this sitting around for a while, with just the pencil on paper, in a pile.

Had recently remembered there were oil pastels and coloured it. The pencil is still visible, although I should have just outlined everything again with black ink.

This would look interesting as a quilt or blanket.

weaving number three

Third weaving. Still have no clue what to do with the ends.

On Twitter, someone suggested to put beads on the ends. One on top and sprinkle some on the lower ends. Would have to put tiny beads because I didn’t account for doing that this time around.

After a few more, I want to put them all in a glass frame.

scarf middle

scarf middle and other end

scarf closed

This is the scarf with the wonky ends finished.

more circles

Starting on the white edging around the circles before connecting them.

week eighty-three

A day late and a quick entry so I can get back to what I’m doing. 


Finally starting on the second sleeve for the sweater. 

Hopefully they match when I attach both to the body.  


Had some beads lying around so just put them together on wire. The rose quartz is heavy compared to the jade and citrine(?). 


Had a small crochet blanket that I didn’t like, so reusing the yarn to make another circular rug. 


Fuzzy yarn and leftover of the GGH Milano for the second weaving. 

Still not sure how to secure the bottom. 


Meet Mr. Turtolini. Still needs a top hat and bow tie, though.