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week 218

I thought I would have more time to finish a couple things for a friend of mine, but the garland I’m making her is nowhere near being done. I think we promised each a couple things more than a year ago and I’m finally getting around to both.

This is part of the garland. I ended making one huge flower with the separate bits here and put a bead in the front middle.

(The sketch is the blanket I’m making for Dylan’s teacher.)

crochet flowers


Only got as far as adding the third colour to this striped pullover. The first two stripes follow a certain way but just want to lazily garter stitch the rest. I’m going for as simple as possible.

Also, I’ve been quite tired lately and can’t be arsed to paint my fingernails. My hands are a bit on the dry side because it’s nearly winter here.

three stripes in pullover


Didn’t realise this picture came out blurry until uploading it so the bobbles are a bit blurry on the shawl.

blurry picture of striped purple bobble shawl


These are how many strips I have for yet another scarf. The smaller one is knit and I’m only making one on that small of a pair of straights. Need to knit more strips.

strips of scarf


This is all the material I’m going to use for another scarf I have in mind.

This was while working on the first part.

I’m incorporating the curling in as part of it and unsure what to do with the dyed yarn, although it still looks fairly white in this picture.

progress picture of another scarf

And this is what the first part looks finished.

The yarn is Lionbrand’s Hometown USA in Fargo Fields which I have been wanting to use since forever. I cast on 12 stitches and went from there, using any combo of the needles of four needles at various parts of the scarf, two of five dpns I rarely use and another pair of straights.

I know I said this on Instagram, but the colour reminds me of Aquafresh toothpaste and/or candy canes.

finished scarf part one with knitting needles


My cousin wanted me to make my aunt a beanie so with help from one of the booklets, I made one for her. Caron’s Simply Soft Party is so pretty, but the shiny bits do come loose at times. I spent most of last weekend frogging knit mess-ups. It took me a few hours to crochet this, which was a relief because I was hoping not to be up at all hours, restarting it over and over.

crocheted red beanie

And now she wants two more for her mum.

I misunderstood her and thought she only wanted a purple one for her, but told me today, she also wanted a black velvet for her, also. I have no idea where to get velvet yarn on such short notice, but decided there’s soft buttery fabric I can use, that was used for RJ’s vest, after tearing it into strips and making one long bit.

Also, my annoyance at not being able to replicate something I’ve already done comes into play here.  I got bored every few rows and changed the stitch.

purple beanie


By the way, I never could find my I/5.5mm hook that Dylan tossed so ended up buying myself another one.

week 210

My mother’s birthday was late last month, and one of my brothers gave her flowers. I was taking out the rose petals as they were slowly wilting until they were all slightly worse for the wear.

Yesterday, I finally purchased a stock pot and boiled the petals to remove the colour. Unfortunately some edges had already lost their freshness and had some pale brown bits. Also, I’ve never made dye from nature before so this is a whole experiment in what ifs.

I boiled the petals in distilled water for an hour then let the petals seep in the water overnight.

water with rose petals and without petals

I let the rose petals sit for another hour until I took out most of the rose petals. It turned this beautiful amber brown colour.

yarn being weighed

I have a postal scale that I use on occasion and have to re-calibate it because it kept changing the weight, so it’s somewhere between 50-85 grams.

(Just for your amusement but my brain somehow assumed packages weighed in other countries goes kg mg, and have no idea why I skipped over grams. I changed it to pounds and ounces but am trying to retrain myself to also consider things in metric.)

yarn in liquid

I let the yarn soak in the leftover distilled water, but didn’t think too much about alkaline and acidic when I felt it needed more water and just added sink water, then weighed it down by filling the empty gallon container with more tap water.

I let it sit in the bucket for a few hours then squeezed out the excess water. Most of it is one of the fingering yarns from Knitpicks and I’m not sure what the other small bit is from, but probably also from that website.

I added about a half tablespoon of alum and the same amount of cream of tartar to boiled water then added that to the liquid. I made the mistake of taking out some of the liquid post adding those, for another project, but I doubt alum and cream of tartar would affect being used as a watercolour coat on canvas.

After boiling all of it for about forty minutes or so, the water turned more brownish and less amber.

I somehow expected the yarn to be dyed darker and with a bit of red, but the yarn looks pale brown. I’m letting the yarn sit in the dye overnight, but doubt it will get much darker than it already is at the moment.

I’m not sure what I will do with the end result but it’ll become something.


progress on parrot yarn top

I made the top part seven inches in length and broke the yarn, then started working on the main body.

For some reason, I calculated that I started with 180 stitches, but recounted and started with 160. I was going to make the main body 120 stitches, but had to frog that and make the main body 60 stitches. At this moment, it’s around four inches or around ten centimeters, in length. The sleeves will be seven, with something between them, then the main body will be fifteen inches, or thirty-eight centimeters, then an extra bit at the bottom.


first part of weaving

I’ve been wanting to weave again for the longest time and actually made two looms, but sticking nails in an empty frame didn’t hold up. I was successful with cutting out notches in the cardboard. I tried to line them up but I’m not sure they do, but it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things. I don’t mind things on the wonky side. I am used to small scale but wanted something bigger.

I’m going to use the frames and attach muslin to them and use those as canvas.

So far, I have only one part down, as I’m currently indecisive over the rest of the colours. The layout has already been determined, it’s just what colours.


fabrics for constume

One of my older brothers is dressing as Chewbacca this year. (And the picture proof cracks me up.)  His son’s son, my great nephew, is going to be dressed as Hans Solo. I’m sure you can tell which version by the fabric.

I took some basic measurements on Monday but basically will wing it.


progress on this knitting project

And did a few rows of this project. I know it’s blurry. I was going to take another one then had to charge the camera battery.

week 191

I’m temporarily taking a break from finishing the striped cardigan to start something else.

Sunday, two different ideas popped into mind.

One of them was to make a bunch of pillows and they’re all houses, and the whole thing is called The Village. Each pillow comes with a short story of who lives within the house.

I was either texting or talking with a certain someone and he wants to collaborate on this project with me. We haven’t really talked about ideas in depth. They’ll vary in size but so far aren’t bigger than 12 by 12.  I need to remeasure The Knob House.

I’m starting with five then go from there.

After The Knob House, this is the progress so far. I found leftover cut up muslin in the fabric stash basket, and made pillowcases. These are all ironed and stuffing will commence soon. I used to use quilt batting to stuff pillows but they would be flat within a week. Stuffing pillows with leftover fabric and yarn bits until there is no air left is the way to go.

These look like napkins but they’re all empty pillowforms.

ironed pillowcases

The second project was from randomly reaching into the yarn stash. I know more will be used but this is the starting point.

yarn bits

Originally, I had it in my head that I cast on 90 stitches but counted 85 when I knit the third row, so it completely threw off the counting. They didn’t fall in the same rows, because turning the project back and forth were not lining up exact.

The funnier bit was over the weekend where I was counting where stitches go, it took ten minutes to figure out what would be the middle stitch for 45 stitches because I kept getting 27, which is wrong. Also, it took an embarrassing amount of time to figure out my middle stitch would be stitch 46. Half of 90 is 45.

frogged yarn

I reached the tenth row before frogging the whole thing.

project currently

This is my second attempt. I cast on 81 stitches. (Do you count the initial slip knot you put on the needle or don’t? I tend to include it and not think of it as a separate stitch.) Originally, it will be three rows but I messed up and it’s not four rows where the stitch is different.

The first row is all knit, then it will switch between purl and knit certain stitches, then knit and purl certain stitches. Until it gets to the length I like, it will go back and forth between the last two.

I broke it down, so the third row and all the odd rows will be purl until you get to stitches 21-23, 31-33, 48-50, and 58-60. Hopefully my math skills don’t fail me for a third time. For the even rows, it’s the reverse by knitting most of it and purling those stitches.

week 176

This post is a bit later than usual as the start to the week was a bit on the crazy side.

I didn’t accomplish much over the past week as it was spent mostly frogging the sweater.

frogged yarn from sweater

This is almost all of the sweater, except the turtleneck part.

I could straighten out the yarn but like it this way. There were a few bits lost by getting frustrated and cutting into the seams but most of it was salvageable.

Want to remake this into another pullover and have been sort of thinking it through.

Like this, that came to mind while listening to the Hottest 200-101 on Triple J. (Seriously, though. No Solange or Angel Olsen from 200-1? Really?)

crocheted idea

Am aware orange isn’t a neutral but was coming up with a visual representation of the idea sketched out.

It won’t be crocheted, either, but just wanted to see a vague version to see if I like the colour pattern. Probably will just use one or two stripes.

pillowcase zipper

This project has been sitting around in the sewing room since some time last year and I finally gotten around to it on Monday, before getting a call that would affect the the rest of that day and Tuesday.

Just need to attach the zipper then resew around the pillowcase and turn it inside out and pop in the pillow then it will actually be done.

Currently, using hot pink coloured thread to attach the zipper before actually sewing it on.

green stripup close of green strip

I started this Tuesday afternoon.

Ch89 so it comes out to 90 stitches, then alternate between a row of sc/dc and a row of mesh (hdc/htc, ch1, skip next stitch then repeat).


I was hoping to have had a lot more projects finished by the end of January but guess not. Instead, I hardly felt motivated to do much.

This month, I want to go back to the web series which took a back seat to other projects.

week 175

circles and yarn

Last week I curated on a RoCur Twitter account and, randomly spent most of last week not tweeting as much for that account and my personal one, because things kept popping up and took up a good chunk of my attention, but the last couple of days, over the weekend, randomly posted clips of a knitted rectangle, and about a five minute tutorial on how to make a simple crochet circle.

I spent a bit of time uploading them to YouTube on Sunday. Don’t think I titled them in order because they uploaded in a different order and I wasn’t quite paying attention.

And, yes, I did post the one where I got overenthusiastic and accidentally stabbed my shoulder with a knitting needle. That would be part 4.

sweater about to be froggedfrogged yarn and circlessecond sleeve about to be frogged

I’m finally getting around to frogging the yarn for this sweater. It was my favourite Banana Republic pullover that everyone who saw me wear it liked the sweater. Too bad the hole that formed in the front would keep getting bigger to the point it was beyond fixable.

So far, as of today, both sleeves have been frogged and the yarn in wee cakes.

This week will probably be mostly spent frogging each piece. The yarn is still wavey but I like it as is. It will be turned into another pullover but I’m not putting cables in it but will be ribbed all over. You know ribbed…for her pleasure. Yeah. It was about time I started making dumb jokes.

week 165

white bobble scarf

Top and bottom pieces of a scarf.

I have no idea what to do with the middle two pieces, although it could be a different colour or just stick with off-white. Am strongly tempted to use a pale grey but not sure how it will tie in if I take that route.

orange knit to crochet scarf or something

Didn’t realise this would be a bit blurry. Sorry.

This started off as knitting but impatience took over, so cast off and started crocheting.

Wasn’t counting rows so the knitting was knit, purl, purl on repeat until the last stitch which was knit.

After casting off, two rows of hdc/half treble and now it’s rows of closed scallops.

sucky embroidery over paint

This is a slow project and pretty much reminding me why I don’t actually embroider. The second thread I used kept knotting and splitting. Knotting is fixable but splitting, when you don’t want it to, makes things tedious.

Maybe I’ll learn to like embroidery but for now, not really.

progress of silk and lace shirt

Past couple of days I’ve been sewing this. I used a pattern piece for the body but the lace upper part and sleeves are just randomness. I haven’t sewn buttons onto the front yoke yet.

The sleeves oddly enough took forever. Had to sew one sleeve more than once. First time the sleeve cap was too big so adjusted it, then had sewn the sleeve backwards then had to reattach it after making a noticeable pucker.

Right now, I’m quite undecided with how to fix the bottom. It’s bothersome for tops to end close to my belly button, either above or below, which is the case for this top, but otherwise fits perfectly. I ran out of both fabrics so am currently deciding between the lace options. I’ll probably scrap both and use a third to add onto the mishmash.

yarn with the label saying the wrong colour

Just had to share this because whoever wrote down the colour had mislabeled it. Fig is a dark purple and I looked it up and I’m pretty sure this is raspberry. I couldn’t find any other bits of this colour at that Joanns, though.

week 149

I’ve had a slow week since the kiddo went back to school last Wednesday. Now I have a bit more time to get more done.

Just a heads up, just in case, but there might not be a post next week as something that occurred yesterday has occupied my time. The middle shelving in my closet has collapsed and I’ve been emptying its contents. I want to go through all my books and make sure I still want all of them. Most of them I still constantly use but wish there was one place to store my books. Some girls have to store a lot of shoes. My weakness is yarn and reading material.

I wanted to use this week to finally start putting items up for sale on the bigcartel shop but it will have to wait until this whole mess is fixed. I do have an etsy shop but it has the actual business name but that has to be put on hold as I don’t have the funds to apply for that license and the advertising. The bigcartel is under my name. It will be under my About Me page once it goes live.

There was an actual list of things to accomplish this week but all of them have to be postponed because it’s hard for me to concentrate while things are in disarray. I’m not exactly the neatest person. The stereotype of INFPs having knick knacks and stuff everywhere definitely applies to me. It may look messy to an outsider but I have a certain system to placing things so when one thing is moved it throws me off.

Monday, I had spent my hours looking for two items: the seam ripper and a ziplocked bag of an ever-growing amount of confetti. Neither one was located.

Last week, I gave my cousin her fingerless gloves before picking up munchkin. I told her to lift up her arms so you can see them, but you can’t see the part where she slips her thumb through. I did worry they wouldn’t fit her but I tried them on and they were huge on me.


I’m an extremely avid Social Media user and one of my Twitter friends is obsessed with the number 23 and just thought it would be nice to send some crocheted numbers. (Okay, and to get more practice.)

It’s on its way to him in Darwin, in northern Australia.

The week after next week, I want to start posting a tutorial of the numbers before one of the alphabet. Stay tuned for that.


This took up the majority of last week.

Frogging these two projects to reuse the yarn.


The sleeves of the knit cardigan are both cast on.

I actually cast on the second sleeve before bed. I was lying on my tummy, on the floor, and used the light of my phone to cast on 45 stitches. After looking for my sleeve notes, not finding any then counting the first row of the first sleeve.