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week 244

I spent part of a day, last week, quickly putting these together but only one is in finished book form.

various paper and book covers

I got an idea to do a self-portrait and this is planning out what I’m doing. It’s impossible to sew fabric onto panel and this isn’t the end product. The actual thing will be on canvas, where there is no gluing fabric into place. I’m unsure if I should do an half is this and other half is this for the whole thing, or just partial, but it’s leaning towards half and half on top but the rest is whole.

self portrait idea

Finally sewing the squares together in the quilt top and part of them are together. Still quite a number of rows to add, and none of the squares line up. I’d be bothered if one lined up so just sewing everything together, row by row, without worrying too much.

partially sewn together quilt cover

Just had to share this image of my shoes contrasting with the fake grass. I was standing outside in a play area with my son and nephew, and just pointed down because I wanted some sort of proof I wore the shirtdress I made, and because those five or six dollar shoes are cute. This is the resulting image. I took another one but part of the slide was showing.

picture taken of my red shoes on green grass

week 237

**An addendum to last week’s post. Wasn’t really confused that he bought me the yarn, because he bought me the yarn. I was being sarcastic.**

**Another addendum to last week’s post. I forgot to say I wore a crochet floral crown on my birthday. I was quite proud that I made it in about a day. 22 gauge copper wire, bit of red and green yarn and this was the end result.**

myself wearing the floral crown

I was going to do this blog last night but the light wasn’t right to take pictures of everything. The picture still came out terrible and blurry. Need to stop taking hurried up and slow down.

Progress on two yellow pullovers.

The one for me is a little weird looking now because I underestimated one side would be too narrow so added bits on the side of the back. It doesn’t look like it would fit but it’s big enough that I put stitch holders at the bottom row and can crochet in the round to make a top. I want to add short sleeves but we’ll see how much yarn is leftover after getting to the right length.

Knitpicks doesn’t have GlossDK in Honey anymore so have two balls left. I expected it to pill more but except for that one time, I threw my crochet across the room with the hook and the hook caught onto part of it, it looks pretty good.

back of second pullover

This is a blurry picture of the sleeves with Dylan’s pullover. It’s covered but originally made the hole to slip over his head too small and he didn’t like that. The hole is wide enough without that issue. The sleeves aren’t attached but after that, just seam up the sides and it’s pretty much done.

unattached sleeves and main body in Dylan's pullover


The paper house looked lonely by itself so I decided to make a small village or town or whatever and have two rows of houses lined up, back to back, so it’s like you’re driving around a street. I’m going to add something to the paper so it’s not just white.

one lonely paper house

Future houses. And, yes, that is the Mollie Makes house template from issue 84.

paper houses to be


I’m slowly attaching the coat pieces together. The main body is attached, and have to put the collar next. I like seeing it come along although I don’t have things exactly lined up which after five tries, I gave up and just made them line up the same way.

Had to try it on because wasn’t sure where the pockets were, in line with my arms, but they’re fine where located. I added the front pocket. It might be in the way of the buttons but I don’t care. I’m tempted to do away with the bits for the buttons and just add a place to cinch a belt. Although I’m not keen on belts because they are never in the right area. It feels oversized which I purposely did, so can wear several layers underneath.

coat front without collar and other bits

week 233

I’m a bit under the weather because my body is stupid. I tried to go a day without coffee, because time constraints, and my body revolted. Caffeine withdrawal is no joke, as later in the day I got migraines and ended up vomiting twice. Both times my son was next to me. The first time, I was about to clean him after he did a number two, and I threw up in the shower near where he stood. His reaction wasn’t to be disgusted but laughing hysterically.

So, I finally made a second sketchbook. Is it perfect? Nope.

It looks nice closed, although it would look better if I added something over the edge of the book cover.

closed notebook

When you don’t think to add endpapers, this happens. Was obviously a bit heavy handed with the glue.

open notebook with the first flap showing

And, the signatures and spine are very messy.

notebook top

Oddly enough, I’m still happy with it. I don’t remember my first try but it looked nothing like this.


Not sure why I’m making a pullover for Dylan, when yesterday was the first day of spring. He’ll probably outgrow this by the end of the year.

Still. I’ve started on one sleeve. Not sure if I have enough to make two matching sleeves.

progress on Dylan's yellow and white striped sweater


Tried to make the purse but in the process I ended up damaging the metal handle, so it doesn’t close proper anymore. (fyi: Don’t get mad while you have the hinges fully open.)

This was the pleather bag and its lining. I made the lining too big for the purse, so need to shorten it a bit while looking to get another handle.

bag with the lining attached

week 220

Who’s at the tail end of another cold? This girl. Beginning of the week, I could barely function. Coffee and medicine on Tuesday and was feeling generally okay. Wednesday, although there was shopping involved and was fine, except for the occasional coughing fit, but got home and was completely wiped out.


Last Friday, after picking up Dylan from school, I was watching Harold and Maude, when started on the third house. This one will be, obviously, squarish.

house number three begun


After frogging the yarn from the one while waiting last week, I restarted something else. Completely undid the stripes pullover and made a new colour scheme and it’s going to start with the green.

It’s not obvious but took one my son’s pillows and have been using it to elevate my head. The lion pillowcase has been in someone’s possession since I was a kid. At one point, my mom has tried to get rid of it and I keep hoarding it. That reminds me. I’m not sure where my pillow from when my relatives from Germany were here, a long long time ago.

knitting project on top of other yarns


Progress on the second tube of the scarf.

progress on the second tube of the scarf


I bought something for one my sister-in-laws for Christmas and have been trying to figure out how to make a box for it. This is attempt number two.

Below it is one coaster. I need to make four more.

That’s all I can say about this, otherwise I’ll spoil it and that would not be good.

box and one coaster


After wrapping a present, I had leftover paper and found myself randomly cutting it to see what would result. I made a row of the letter D, which is attached to my son’s present.

This looks like it still needs something.

paper and yarn and felt

Boredom led me to start cutting out letters from the cardboard container that had tissues. Not sure if I can get all the letters from this amount.

letters from tissue box cardboard


Also, boredom has led me to make small envelopes that I don’t remember why I started making the first one. I had a bigger envelope and was using part of it to cover a box bottom.

small envelopes


I’m completely inept when it comes to making a gingerbread house.

Be glad I’m not an architect or something of the ilk.

side of the gingerbread house

I didn’t calculate the roof to be big enough and there would have been empty space on each side so did it backwards. I need to make more royal frosting and just dump it all on the house. This is embarrassing but this is only my second attempt, so not too bovvered.

week 167-168

Week before last, I could barely get anything done. Hence nothing to report. I think all I was able to accomplish was two or three rows of the knitted jumper.

Last week, I got more done.

I was able to accomplish more over the past week.

Majority of it over the weekend.

I finally was able to send a few things to my friend after finishing the zipper pouch.


Her favourite colour is purple and, to humour myself, I made a bag with red and blue.


I had time on my hands and made this cowl. I thought it would be funny to crochet a pair of undies but it came out looking awful.


Starting on Friday, I made this painting to finally “pay off” losing the bet to my friend. Basically a beach scene with turtles. It’s obvious I’m not used to drawing turtles, even less on a small scale.

I have no idea how she’s going to get it, but it’s hers. The base was paint, then added paper and beads, then drew on it with coloured pen and marker.


Finally have put some use to those crochet hearts I did some time ago. I made wee hooks for them and then added this quote.

I’ve recently experienced another heartbreak and, I have briefly mentioned him before, after shutting down for a few days, creativity revved into gear and I’ve been writing and my output is improving.

This is what I want to say to everyone, but I’ve only made seven. I have no idea where I’m going to leave them, but I want to scatter them around San Diego.












week 148


I finished the front, then frogged the yarn and adjusted the semi-triangle bits so they have the same amounts of rows but one side was still smaller than the other.

Ran out of yarn but heavily leaning towards buying one more ball even though it won’t be the same dye lot.


So, did the numbers. They need a bit of blocking.

Number three proved hardest of them. I haven’t finished my notes for making them as I had to redo four of them. I’ll post the directions for them when all my notes are sorted.

I used small bits of yarn leftover from the pink cardigan.

Also, I’ve misplaced my rosewood crochet hook. I used it on Saturday but since then, have looked everywhere, thinking my kid had moved it to the closet or another room and keep coming up empty.


Continuation of the first cardigan sleeve.

Once I reach ten inches, I will switch up to the bigger needle. After that, I’ll decide whether it will be three-quarter or wrist length sleeves.


This started off as a joke.

A friend of mine on Twitter had sent me stationary with teeth on it, after deciding she didn’t like it.

In return, I promised to make her a foot notebook. Just need to color in some lines then it’ll look better and can be shipped off to her. I had a different cover in mind but my punching more than six holes almost always proves a disaster.

This is my son’s foot. Three of his toes curled while tracing them so guesstimated. His feet are like mine, in that the second toe is the longest. I traced his right foot with cardboard, cut it out then traced it onto this cardstock.

week 127-130

Week 127 was a week were I accomplished nothing in creative pursuits.

Since then, I’ve finished up one project. Finally.

And then continued the cardigan.



Finally finished making all the envelopes traced out with the junk mail envelope turned template on Sunday.

A lot of them are a bit wonky but I like the fact some of them are tilted or that I accidentally glued the sides on the outside for a few.

While removing a lot of pictures off the cell phone, I noticed starting this project in July of last year. Oops.

There are still bits of scrap paper left and unsure what to do with those.


I’m not having a cardigan by my birthday with the rate this is going.

I’ll have this side done by the time that rolls around since I’ve only knit three rows since yesterday.

It’ll be worth it once all the pieces are finished and it’s blocked then sewn together.

Why does knitting have to be so slow and tedious?


Not sure why I fell behind but life gets in the way sometimes and there are moments where I’d rather do something else than sit down and stare at a laptop screen.

week 117

I was going to post this yesterday but noticed I hadn’t taken a picture of one of those projects and was about to take a picture and the camera had died on me.

By the time I went to bed, I had forgotten I didn’t post and was too lazy to go downstairs to get the charged battery and take the picture.

Could have easily posted this through the phone.

As you may notice, life gets in the way of posting posts on their regular day, but I have to hold myself accountable every week.

All I was able to accomplish last week was to finish cutting out all the envelopes and more knitting of the front of the cardigan.



This week looks just as bad so it’ll probably only be one picture next week.


week 109

I’ve finally decided to tackle both bins of projects in various stages.

fixed purse

Finally fixed this bag. The handles are now solid.


I’ve been making more pillows/pillow forms.

They’re all stuffed with fabric and yarn scraps, which makes them heavier, longer-lasting and more poofy than being stuffed with shredded paper.

Shredded paper lasts two weeks then goes flat.


There is a bunch of yellow construction paper in one closet and they’re in the process of being made into notebooks of twenty-five pages each.

fake fur blanket 1 fake fur blanket 2

When Dylan was around 1, I was going to make him a skunk costume for Halloween.

Never got around to it and the cut pieces have been sitting in a basket since then. I don’t know the original plan although it could have been alternating stripes.

I have to line the back and it’ll be done. Kinda want to line it with grey. Not sure what fabric will work.

I don’t have anything on hand big enough, as I measured it and it’s about 51 inches width-wise and about 4o inches length-wise. It might be longer from top to bottom.

By the way, don’t cut fake fur on carpet.

It didn’t vacuum up so had to take pieces of masking tape to the rug and clean it that way. There are still bits of black fake fur on the rug.

The end product will be worth it but dealing with cut fake fur is a pain.

backpack progress

I thought I was finished with my friend’s backpack but the top front flap was too small so had to make both that and the corresponding lining wider.

I’ll say it again, if I hadn’t said it already, but just want this done already.

knit purple scarf

Another knitted scarf.

This time using up all the purple yarn.

week ninety-six


I started making envelopes out of all the scrapbook paper lying around, not being used.

I’m about halfway done and have the rest ready to cut and assemble.

I did trace the template used onto the leftover cardboard from the stack but don’t plan on cutting it out.

more crochet circles

A couple more circles.

Both were done on a car ride.

The smaller one on the way there and the larger one started on the trip back and finished at home. With a little steam and some blocking it’ll flatten out. I want to add to it so it could possibly grow bigger. Into a huge granny square. The smaller one will go into the circles project.

waves shawl or wrap

I finished the shawl or wrap.

Two skeins. One in Knitpicks’ Brava Sport Yarn in Cream and Artyarns’s Supermerino in the 1027 colorway.

The leftover bit of the Artyarns skein was added to the sides to make a bit more fringe. I prefer more fringe but it looks decent enough. Perhaps I’ll knot it.