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week 304

I’m heavily procrastinating doing important paperwork and had a couple questions, and the person I needed to ask isn’t in today, so a few more hours then buckle down and try to do as much of the questionaires and stuff. Having an Autistic child requires so much but he’s completely worth everything. Sometimes I feel neglectful but, within reason, if he’s happy, then so be it.

I’ve spent most of my time this past week taking bits of clothing apart to either refashion them into something actually wearable or to become pattern pieces.

My favourite top was a top I bought from H&M. I want to do a mishmash that somewhat combines two tops, once I am able to finally separate all the pieces for both. Snaps are a pain to remove, but thankfully, they don’t leave huge holes in the pieces, using jewelry pliers to take them apart. I still have to remove the front snaps from the white top, while the dark grey is all buttons. By the way, the back of both shirts are almost identical, although the white top was longer but it had a tear in the back and I shortened it and wore it a lot until one sleeve developed a couple small holes.

two H&M tops (white and grey) to become pattern pieces

One of the sleeves after I separated it. I want to reuse all the lace in the top resulting from drafting a pattern from the two.

one sleeve from one H&M top

The two shirts I am changing to make them more wearable is the the yellow and black top from Anthropologie that fit no one, and the kimono I wore once.

yellow and black plaid shirt, and a floral kimono

I’m just taking in the sides of the plaid top so it’s not a tent. The kimono I wore once, after shortening it and making sleeves out of the detached part. I’m turning it into a blouse. The back was wider than I thought. After I detached everything, I measured the back and it’s 40 inches, or 101.6cm. I could have just cut the back and made it all from just that piece, but I’m doing quite a bit of trimming. And after I’m done, putting crochet edging all around.

Haven’t gotten far in my knitting, as I just did an inch more of the orange vest.

orange knitting

weeks 273-274

This is the first post of the year. Between the weekend before Christmas and New Year’s Day is this period of time that somehow becomes longer than it really is, where your focus isn’t really on any one thing, except just existing. It’s like the week before your birthday.

I was able to do a couple things, starting a few days back.

One is making a top. Drafting a top sloper seems fairly easy, if you have basic math skills and an extra long ruler. And if you take your time and actually measure yourself.

I was somewhat successful, after making a second sloper because the first time I didn’t measure the space between the bust and my waist. Four inches was the difference between the first sloper and the second one. Also forgot to measure between my waist and hips but added that to the second sloper. There’s something to be said for the quote “measure twice, cut once”.

Didn’t measure right but I’m making a top. Originally wanted something with a pleated angled bib in front but after making a mockup bib, and being indecisive about the number of pleats, decided to save that for something else.


lace and silk top pieces

Using lace for a bib, then for cuffs. It looks nice and not sure why I put inch seams all around, but get the feeling more will be cut away on the sides. Especially on the oddly cut sleeves.

(Also, not sure why the picture turned out blurry. )

another crochet shawl to be

This began crocheted of don’t remember the stitch count, then knit a few rows of 110 stitches, then this is crochet of 120 stitches again. Have done a bit more rows than this, and the markers are solely for counting, so haven’t moved them because the number of stitches haven’t changed. When I change the colour and the number count changes, they’ll move.

The two yarns bought off of yarnbox are becoming a shawl. It probably won’t be as long as I hope, but it’s going to look nice when done. I tend to usually avoid mixing green and purple, because it’s not the greatest colour combo, but only one them is a solid colour while the other is varigated.

I do have one more project in the works, as there is a dress waiting to be made. It’s this beautiful golden lace fabric overlaid mint.

weeks 271-272

Have absolutely no idea what happened to the time last week, as everyday was spent running errands for whatever reason. 

Most of the time was spent working on the fascinator, which is finished.

first row of flowers attached to the fascinator

What the hat looked like on top with just one row of flowers added. It looked like a fancy cake.

I took a bunch of pictures, with this camera and the cell phone, and most of them were of me making a silly face, because there’s a certain amount of deliriousness that sets it when you’re finished with a project. And because my hair looked like trash.

This is the inside of the fascinator, and the comb alone just made it flop around. The elastic was taken from a mask that was lying around, unused.

There are leftover flowers, as twenty-four of the flowers were used for the fascinator. My stubbornness is insistent there should be a couple or three feathers hanging out to the side opposite the veiling.

Also, this needs a matching dress, or a dress in the same colour family.

book blocks and book outsides

I made several book blocks and had several of the cases already made, and just need to attach the blocks to inside the cases, then have several more hardbound notebooks. On the left, are the two already finished and just added to the pile, even though they’re already done.

start of another knitting project

I frogged the two parts and will just knit everything together, although the yarns will end at different points, but will keep knitting until all three yarns are used up. Have no idea what it will turn into, though.

beads and other jewelry pieces

Here are some jewelry bits, as I want to make myself several pairs of earrings. Hasn’t gotten very far, as other projects have put this on a backburner.

week 270

Absolutely slow week, as constant interruptions have been popping up.

For the third and final time, drafting a brim for the floppy hat proved to be a success. Stubbornness does pay off when you apply it to practical things.

Not sure why the first try, it’s too small, then the second try is too wide, and the third is between those sizes and fits perfectly.

finished black hat

Most of the week was spent making ribbon flowers. Didn’t realise such a tedious thing would take up so much time.

flowers made from blue, peach and brown ribbon

Do I know what they will end up on? No idea. Part of the peach flowers will be on a hat.

I purchased a few samples of peach fabric off the fabric dot com site and they arrived on Monday and they’re so pretty.

fabric samples

The one I was most looking forward to, the mesh one with the sparkles, will not do for what I want it to be, but would look nice as an overlay for a skirt. This gives me an idea for the bottom half of a dress, and the top would have to be plain. The flowers would look nice on a bolero or a mini-cape. One of these two fabrics on the right would look nice with the flowers on a fascinator.

week 243

Usually I have twenty million things going on at once but I wanted to focus on finishing this tunic. The fabric is Art Gallery Indie Folk Meadow in Dim Dark Blue, which looks amazing online and even more gorgeous when you’re holding it in your hands. Only drawback with it being rayon, is that it’s very fiddly to work with, but the end result is worth it. I’ve only used about two and an half yards, so have seven and an half yards left. Might need a bit liquid courage to put up some of that yardage temporarily on the wall to do that homage, but it will be done. Just thinking what I should put in lieu of the two lamps.

The hem is mildly still uneven and I didn’t bother putting a button or buttonhole right beneath the collar but this is still done.


Without the buttons ad buttonholes, this is what it looked like. The hem was much worse before I fixed one side.

And this is also why you never aim the camera up, as it creates the lovely triple chin effect.

awkwardly holding the tunic closed

And the finished project. The plain buttons worked best as it lets the fabric stand out more.

the finished tunic in art gallery fabrics

I’m not sure what else to do with the rest of the fabric but will use it all up.

week 242

Suppose the advantage of taking pictures with a camera that slightly blurs images, is that when your stitches aren’t perfect, it’s not as noticeable. It’s actually not bad looking but I still know they’re there.

It’s not actually lopsided but for some reason looks that way.

Still need to add the sleeves and cuffs, then the buttons.

Also, I’ve never had to fumble this much with a collar before and it still is not perfect.  By the way, it’s supposed to be mildly oversized and expected it to be so, but it fits perfectly and didn’t have to mess with it.  Always a plus, when you make a muslin and it doesn’t need any massive changes.

tunic without sleeves and buttons

Speaking of buttons. I had a hard time choosing between these three and have now narrowed it down to either the plain one or the silvery one, as the floral one clashes and would look better with something plain.

fabric with button choices


I finally sucked it up and bought this pattern, because after ordering it off Amazon and the order having to be cancelled because it never arrived, was going to chalk this up to experience and try to be fine without it. I mean, it’s not necessary that this in my collection but just really wanted it.

simplicity pattern 8298


Finally finished this top, using the stash of Knitpicks GlossDK in honey, which I wish they would bring back. The yarn is still available, just not in yellow of any sort.

Since I have linebacker shoulders, this top gets pulled into place. It just hangs awfully on a hanger, which might be a bad idea but seems to do in place of being blocked.

finished crochet top using knitpicks yarn

week 240

I’m not sure why but it seems my camera doesn’t seem to want to take as clear pictures as my phone anymore. I’m sorry for taking such blurry pictures. It seems the more lighting, and distance from subject, has to be perfect otherwise it just comes out awful. And I don’t have time to take as many as girls trying to take the perfect selfie. Suppose it makes me look a bit sloppy but one person can only do so much.

So…there’s ten yards of this fabric.

upclose of floral fabric

Going through the patterns I’ve bought and collected and stashed into a box, can finally use this one on the right, Simplicity’s 2447. Usually, I will make a whole bunch of changes but it’s going to be an oversized tunic. Might make small changes so it’s not super huge, but it’s an inch shorter than my coat and will make a nice top slash dress. Being a girl sometimes you can get away with not wearing pants. Might make it a bit longer but really not in the mood for huge tweaking.

Temporarily, I will hang the excess on the wall before turning it into something else. In place of the two lamps, I will just put shiny paper mache substitutes. Or just hang matching ornaments. Haven’t decided yet. There will be photographic proof of this whole thing. I’m sure I’m not the only person who did an homage to that scene in Garden State.

muslin pattern pieces, to be adjusted


Probably won’t have enough yarn to make this whole top, that is actually sketched out without calculating the length of each piece, but knitting piece by piece then seaming it all together.

Just to see how the yarn pools, I knit in the round and it looks nice. After frogging it, I did this small bit of knitting of the first part.

Just an aside it’s Deborah Norville’s Cotton Soft Silk Yarn in Undersea Treasure, which Premier Yarns used to sell on their website. Not sure when they stopped selling her yarns on the website, and it doesn’t seem they still carry it even without her name, but if you want a (close enough) substitute, use this. Or a search on Google will turn up something.

first part of a knitting project


I finally put the crochet square onto the frame.

The front looks decent.

crochet square, front

The back is a mess.

crochet square, back


Finally getting some use of the nylon yarn. I cut it to use for another project and failed so will attach it to this at the end.

weaving with blue nylon yarn


Reason why the previous yarn was cut was because I’m suppose to make cording and thought the nylon thread would work. It’s too thin but I was at the store and compared 3/16 piping cord to paracord and realised paracord is thick enough to my liking. And much cheaper. This hat will not be exact, but not exactly a milliner, so this will be a test into, if I can follow along with the directions and come out with something resembling the objective. The flowers are not the size they’re supposed to be, but cut the length needed. This is all the parts cut for the project. It’s harder to accomplish things when there’s a bunch of fiddly parts rather than huge chunks.

pieces for a blue floral hat

week 239

The coat is finished. It looks mildly slouchy as it hangs in the closet, but fits perfectly when putting it on.  In case anyone wants to know the starting point was the jacket from Lisette Pattern 2209, from Simplicity.  Basically only a few changes were made: changed it so there are several buttons, the collar is wider, added cuffs, lengthened it then added a lining.

coat in closet

An up close of some of the buttons and the tabs.

upclose of coat closures


The pullover I made for myself using the Knit Picks Gloss DK yarn in honey. Just need to add something to the bottom hem and it’ll be done.

The sleeves look odd, and lower than they need to be, but for some reason it gets pulled into place and fits perfectly.

knit picks pullover


For the longest time, I had quilt pieces in my closet that were constantly being put on the backburner but finally attached them by fives. There are an hundred squares waiting to be assembled with everything else in this pile.

The upper left is a pair of pants that still need mending after one of the pockets came loose. I’ve had these pants a while and they’re one of my favourite pairs as I wore them a lot while pregnant with Dylan.

attached quilt squares


Finally assembled some paper houses from Mollie Makes issue 84. Whoop-de-doo. I was going to go all fancy and make yards and stuff but being lazy.

paper houses

I’m slowly returning to making the dress I have been procrastinating on. Half of the front side fits perfectly but the other side is way off, so should just cut it in half and make that the front of the bodice. Also, it needs a side zipper because pulling it off involves taking off whatever I’m wearing along with it.

Also, watched Garden State last weekend and think it would be funny to re-enact the wallpaper scene with the ten yards of fabric I have.

week 238

I actually am a bit proud of myself for almost finishing two projects this weekend. Will get to why only one, and not both are done.


This pullover.  Have started working on the round at the bottom, until it reaches a nice length. Being limited in yarn means it might be a tad shorter than I want but can use another yarn to make it up. Which will work nicely if I add the second yarn to the sleeves.

By the way this is inside and the side back seams are less noticeable on the outside.

adding on length to pullover for me


Not quite what was expected but Dylan’s pullover is finished. Need to block it but it looks nice enough, even though one sleeve is wonky.

Also, it should have been in a darker colour. Haven’t tried it on him, other than when the neckline was being adjusted so it wasn’t tight.

Dylan's pullover


The coat is not finished but looks so nice. The sleeves are a tad shorter than I wanted. Adding the cuffs was more of an afterthought and there would have been wider cuffs if I had cut out the pieces earlier, but gives it a nice touch. I need to fix the sleeves as there is extra inside lining fabric, because of overzealous cutting of extra lining pieces.

The reason it isn’t finished is the original buttons for the coat do not fit through the loops, so spent a little time testing out smaller ones in my button collection. Need to get six because black buttons or anything other than the tablecloth fabric will be too jarring.

I tried on the coat and it fits snugly in the shoulders but is loose everywhere else.

Some of the stitches are off. As what was said before, couldn’t figure out the sleeves but most of it is nice to look at, inside and out. Seams don’t line up on the outside if you look at the shoulders, but it’s symmetrical so not a big deal.

I moved the pocket to inside and switched it so the pocket has the lining on the outside and the main fabric on the inside.

coat without buttons


Spent quite some time undoing this bit of yarn. Thankfully it’s only one skein that I messed up. I need to own an umbrella swift. For a skein of cotton slash acrylic it gets more knotted than necessary.

tangled yarn in the process of being untangled


Construction paper houses that I was going to use but they are too thin and flimsy to make stable houses. Need sturdier paper.

orange and black construction paper houses


By the way, I finally finished part one of a certain boy’s birthday project. I’ve been slacking and just finally sucked it up and did it. Need to put it in something then can finally send him everything.

week 237

**An addendum to last week’s post. Wasn’t really confused that he bought me the yarn, because he bought me the yarn. I was being sarcastic.**

**Another addendum to last week’s post. I forgot to say I wore a crochet floral crown on my birthday. I was quite proud that I made it in about a day. 22 gauge copper wire, bit of red and green yarn and this was the end result.**

myself wearing the floral crown

I was going to do this blog last night but the light wasn’t right to take pictures of everything. The picture still came out terrible and blurry. Need to stop taking hurried up and slow down.

Progress on two yellow pullovers.

The one for me is a little weird looking now because I underestimated one side would be too narrow so added bits on the side of the back. It doesn’t look like it would fit but it’s big enough that I put stitch holders at the bottom row and can crochet in the round to make a top. I want to add short sleeves but we’ll see how much yarn is leftover after getting to the right length.

Knitpicks doesn’t have GlossDK in Honey anymore so have two balls left. I expected it to pill more but except for that one time, I threw my crochet across the room with the hook and the hook caught onto part of it, it looks pretty good.

back of second pullover

This is a blurry picture of the sleeves with Dylan’s pullover. It’s covered but originally made the hole to slip over his head too small and he didn’t like that. The hole is wide enough without that issue. The sleeves aren’t attached but after that, just seam up the sides and it’s pretty much done.

unattached sleeves and main body in Dylan's pullover


The paper house looked lonely by itself so I decided to make a small village or town or whatever and have two rows of houses lined up, back to back, so it’s like you’re driving around a street. I’m going to add something to the paper so it’s not just white.

one lonely paper house

Future houses. And, yes, that is the Mollie Makes house template from issue 84.

paper houses to be


I’m slowly attaching the coat pieces together. The main body is attached, and have to put the collar next. I like seeing it come along although I don’t have things exactly lined up which after five tries, I gave up and just made them line up the same way.

Had to try it on because wasn’t sure where the pockets were, in line with my arms, but they’re fine where located. I added the front pocket. It might be in the way of the buttons but I don’t care. I’m tempted to do away with the bits for the buttons and just add a place to cinch a belt. Although I’m not keen on belts because they are never in the right area. It feels oversized which I purposely did, so can wear several layers underneath.

coat front without collar and other bits