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weeks 348-352

This will be quick. I’ve not really been creating much in the past month because part of me has felt that what I do is trivial, compared with what is going on in the world. Black Lives Matter and have been educating myself on being a better person. It’s been an almost lifelong effort and continues to this day, and will keep going until I’m dead. The hard part is letting your ego not be part of the equation. Actually, the hard part is being in a family full of racist transphobes under the guise of pious Christians/Catholics.

Also, I’m in the process of reorganising everything, so my tools and such have a home. Documenting my weekly crafting will return soon.

weeks 295-296

Knitting is a slow, slow process, so the cable scarf is being done bit by bit.

simple 3/3 cables scarf

A bit obvious where I joined the second ball of yarn. Need to get a bit more yarn then do a second half then connect them in the middle.

This will take a while.

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend trying to figure out how to use dpns and failed. Mostly knitted a hat (crocheted a few rows to make the brim smaller).

semi-blurry picture of a rocking horse wearing a beanie or beret, with a view of the scarf nearby

Not sure why but have yet to take a clear enough picture of the hat.

Oh and made another pillowform.

fabric scraps made a pillow form

What was formerly a couple bags, I separated them then sewn all the pieces together into a huge rectangle. When it’s fully stuffed, I will sew closed the open end.

week 294

As I pointed out last week, not much was done over the past week, because being glued to one’s laptop for half the week isn’t conducive to much of anything getting done.

The capelet is almost finished as it just needs four buttons. It ends right below my elbows.

puffy pastel capelet

An even closer view of the button placket. Originally was going to knit the buttonholes but it just looked off, so everything is crochet. In the future would have to make sure the holes don’t expand, so will have to currently make them a tad smaller than they are now.

no buttons on up close of button placket of puffy pastel capelet

The other bit of anything is learning how to knit cables. It’s decent for the second time. (First time involved trying to knit the cables back and front on the piece when it’s just worked on the front. The problem this time around is the holes forming on the sides of the cables, which I’m guessing is normal and fixed in the next row.

basic cable knitting

Originally I was doing 12CL/12CR cables but they didn’t look right, so frogged and halved everything. It was K10, P10, 12CR, P16, 12CL, P10, K10, then P80 but now it’s K5, P5, 6CR, P8, 6CL, P5, K5 then P40. At times I’m counting 41 stitches so messed up at some point but it looks nice and will look nicer once it’s blocked.

week 293

Expect next week’s post to be about a paragraph long, as Eurovision has rendered me incapable of focus. The second semifinals doesn’t start until the next hour, so have time right now to blog. People can protest all they like, because of where it’s located this year, but the point of Eurovision is to give people an excuse, at least for a few hours, to come together and celebrate the commonality and community of music. I can’t give my two cents on who I want to win, as I haven’t seen the second set of performances. So far, I’m indecisive between Australia and Greece. Iceland will do well with the televotes, but unlikely with the juries, although I will laugh out of joy if they are in the top three in the final on Saturday.

I didn’t get much done over the past week.

So, it won’t be another crochet cardigan. It will be a buttoned capelet.

striped capelet without button placket and the top of the front parts

It’s going to look nice when it’s done. I haven’t done the top of the front parts, and the button placket between them. Not sure if I will add anything to the bottom, maybe just outline the shells.

Have no idea where I’m going with this.

start of anotherknitting project

My mission to learn how to make cables starts here, because I’m adamant it needs to happen. Mastered simple purls and knit stitches, so want to stretch out to being comfortable with cables and lacework.

weeks 290-292

Didn’t realise I had put this blog on the backburner and neglected it, as my head swore there was a post last week. It’s been three weeks of no posts and really there’s no excuse for not blogging, other than my focus has been scattered on various other things.

The gold lace fabric and dyed velvet are being refashioned into a cropped jacket. Sewing the collar onto the shirt was such a pain, so naturally, the next step was to take it apart and want to make a capelet, but then realised it would make a cute bolero. Some projects aren’t signalled four steps ahead and just whims.

Right now, it’s in pieces. Only the lining and main body are sewn up, but not attached to each other. The wrong sides are showing in this picture, and the sides are pinned together. Only the sides pinned together will be sewn then turned inside out, then the collar will be attached and the raw edge on top will be (hopefully) inside the collar.

main body and lining
sleeves and collar and hem of lace jacket, plus another top in pieces underneathe

The main body will be lined but the collar, sleeves and hem won’t be lined. Hopefully it turns out, but not sure why there isn’t enough material to line the sleeves. I’m guessing when I originally cut the camisole, it left a lot of too small leftover pieces.

Another jacket is in the process of being made, in crochet. Finally found a use for the yarn that was knit together then separated because it didn’t look right. Since it’s self-striping, the aim is just to consistently make sure the blue is on top.

start of the second front in crochet striped jacket

The knitted sweater is still a process.

I thought both sleeves were finished then attached the second sleeve and it wasn’t wide enough, so am reknitting the second sleeve. Ought to reknit the first sleeve but I’ll decide after reattaching the second. Also removed the button placket from the top front and will just knit one whole piece. Maybe the top should mirror the front, maybe it won’t.

start of the second sleeve on the knit sweater

I really need to learn how to plan out projects better.

week 289

After spending so much time trying to get two things sewn and perfect….Well, they’re sewn but need to put them on the back burner and fix them later.

top and camisole
closeup of lace top and camisole

Upclose it doesn’t look obvious the collar of the lace top hangs odd, as the front and sides somewhat stick up while the back lays down, while wearing it. The straps and armhole bits on the camisole are just messy and need to fix them but the rest of it is a bit loose and not problematic. (Yes, the camisole is inside out, in these pictures)

The knit former cardigan, now pullover is coming along, and just as sloppy.

I am tempted to redo it and remove the buttonholes from the yoke. It’ll probably be more even, also, if I did it as one whole piece and just added the buttons as embellish.

closeup of button yoke

I started the sleeve and frogged it because I started increasing the sides at a weird angle. Have restarted it with another stitch. Also want buttoned cuffs on the sleeves, but will add those after the sleeves are done. The basic K1, P1 for a couple inches (about 5cm) then garter, increasing every inch (2.54cm), for another four-six inches (about 10-15cm), until getting to the armpit, then whatever.

start of the first sleeve of the knitted pullover

Okay. I’m finally trying to semi-follow a pattern from an old Vogue Knitting issue, and by old I mean less than a decade which is not old, and it’s not going well, because lately basic math is thumbing its nose. Maybe if I use the yarn used for it (which isn’t available anymore) and the size needles then it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s substitute yarn (which is also not available anymore) and larger needles. I had to frog it three times because my stitch count was off on row three and just gave up and went with it. None of the rows are the exact count and really can’t be arsed, as it won’t look exactly like the photo. Am not making a hoodie, but instead doing a pullover where the back and front are the same and the sleeves are as they are written.

For reference, the pattern is in Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2012, number 24.

beginning of a Vogue Knitting pullover

weeks 286-288

I didn’t realise there wasn’t a blog for almost a month. The kiddo had spring break and in that time became a year older, and just lost track of time.

In that time I was making some sort of progress on several projects.

The dress is nearly done, except the hem keeps flipping up so the bit that shouldn’t be showing is exposing itself. Also, it needs belt loops so I can put a belt through since the elastic made it impossible to put it over my head.

dress using cloud fabric, hanging up

The stitching is wonky but it’s so comfortable (it feels like pyjamas) because the fabric is a stretchy cotton.

The lace shirt is being a pain the ass, because the collar is being more problematic than it should be.

collar, attached

Originally was going to have a peter pan collar, but then decided it would just be easier to have a round collar. Trying to put a suitable seam on it is the problem because whatever I do shrinks the collar and makes it hard to put my head through.

For some reason, the whole collar didn’t feel like fully attaching. Might have trimmed it a bit much but I measured and it’s exact when the collar is sewn up.

So…unattached it and will add a bit of velvet then attach the velvet to the neckline and go from there. Probably should just make seam binding with the velvet and be done with it.

Meanwhile, several knitting projects are still ongoing.

Knitting the upper front yoke

What originally was going to be a cardigan will be another oversized pullover. I’m moving the button placket up and trying to figure out how to make full-sized cuffed sleeves.

two yarn projects. one using laceweight blue yarn and the other alternating white and variegated blue and pink (and purple?) yarn

Found a bit of laceweight yarn and went from knit to crochet and back to knit. Not sure the end result.

Also, the other one I keep frogging will be knit and I want to put simple lace blocks.

week 285

My whole week was having yarn not play nicely with what I want it to do. I’ve gotten a bit far crocheting something, but up until this point, it was knitted and frogged twice.

First time, after spending a good chunk of Friday and Saturday on it, did the initial row, then two rows of doubling stitches and it was ruffling to the point of annoyance. The second time around, just wasn’t happy with the end result of slightly chunky yarn not showing basic eyelets.

I’m not happy with what I’m seeing again, so will probably frog it yet again.

crocheted a few rows with yarn

It actually lays flat but not happy with how it looks, as it looks better in knit form. Not sure why but yarn in crochet form is lighter in colour than it does knit. It also doesn’t look as good with the extra white yarn so will separate them.

But, go figure it took almost a week to figure out knitting the yarn will look better. I spent a day crocheting this and it looks meh.

week 284

I’ve been focused on making a dress and another top, from the three fabrics I showed last week, except ran out of interfacing, so can’t sew everything together.

I showed the lace top last week, so now the other two fabrics.

The dyed velvet will be a layer to put under the lace top, or by itself. Not sure why I cut the pieces huge as there will probably be quite a bit of trimming off, since making a tank with blue velvet before, with this same pattern, and it fits perfectly so unsure why going up a size was needed.

yellow velvet tank pieces

The dress itself is coming along.

dress pieces

Measured it yesterday and have no idea how all the seams are two inches. The pieces are all mostly there. The skirt, pockets, top pieces, sleeves and facing bits for the top. Nothing is sewn together.

neckline drew out and about to be cut out

Originally was going to put in a button placket, but after a few hours of using scrap fabric and it kept getting sucked into the machine because nothing was interfaced, and the fabric is stretchier than I expected, decided to make it more simple. Could put in a zipper in the middle but since there will be an elastic waistband, decided this will be pullover style.

Will cut the part away for the neckline and put a piping or binding between the main body and facing parts. Unsure what to do with the open end of the sleeves, but will probably put binding on them, also. Hopefully, whatever I decide, all of this will be done by my birthday.

week 283

Some time over the last week, I was going through my fabric stash and reminded myself about the dress that was in the planning stages some time ago. It’s time to focus on that.

Before that, I did the second panel of the cardigan.

progress on cardigan, both side panels are done. now onto the fronts

I spent a whole day trying to figure out the fronts because I kept casting on bits that were too huge to fit, and finally decided it will be, as follows: RS K8, P8, K8. WS P24. repeat for fourteen inches/thirty-six cm. Then, depending on which side it’s on, bind off one stitch on the same side until it’s at one.

I’ve been putting off the dress for the longest time, because my indecisiveness got the better of me, but was making sketches the other day for a top, then heaps looking up how to create collar patterns on YouTube.

The lace was going to be part of it but decided it will be its own layer.

None of it is sewn up yet.

main body pieces

I originally used a store-bought pattern to get a basic idea of what to do, got frustrated so did one based on my measurements and cut the pieces generously. Was going to put extended cap sleeves but decided a wee bit longer and hence the slight kimono sleeves.

Part of me wants to crop it to right above my waist but anything above my belly button annoys me. (Measured from my shoulder to my waist and it’s seventeen inches/43cm, but to my belly button is 20″/51cm so there is also that bit.) The plan is to make the top as basic as possible, then put darts at the bottom.

collar pieces, pinned together

The collar pieces were a pain in the ass, because I kept measuring the neckline wrong. Not sure what I’m doing with the two strips but will probably end up as decoration. (Also, need to get some interfacing because can’t seem to find any in my stash.)

For the dress itself, not pictured. Have only cut enough for the skirt, but the plan is to have a front buttoned dress with an elastic waist on the skirt. And, yes, pockets.

Here’s a reminder of what fabrics I’m using for the dress.

yellow velvet, cloud fabric and gold lace