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week 165

white bobble scarf

Top and bottom pieces of a scarf.

I have no idea what to do with the middle two pieces, although it could be a different colour or just stick with off-white. Am strongly tempted to use a pale grey but not sure how it will tie in if I take that route.

orange knit to crochet scarf or something

Didn’t realise this would be a bit blurry. Sorry.

This started off as knitting but impatience took over, so cast off and started crocheting.

Wasn’t counting rows so the knitting was knit, purl, purl on repeat until the last stitch which was knit.

After casting off, two rows of hdc/half treble and now it’s rows of closed scallops.

sucky embroidery over paint

This is a slow project and pretty much reminding me why I don’t actually embroider. The second thread I used kept knotting and splitting. Knotting is fixable but splitting, when you don’t want it to, makes things tedious.

Maybe I’ll learn to like embroidery but for now, not really.

progress of silk and lace shirt

Past couple of days I’ve been sewing this. I used a pattern piece for the body but the lace upper part and sleeves are just randomness. I haven’t sewn buttons onto the front yoke yet.

The sleeves oddly enough took forever. Had to sew one sleeve more than once. First time the sleeve cap was too big so adjusted it, then had sewn the sleeve backwards then had to reattach it after making a noticeable pucker.

Right now, I’m quite undecided with how to fix the bottom. It’s bothersome for tops to end close to my belly button, either above or below, which is the case for this top, but otherwise fits perfectly. I ran out of both fabrics so am currently deciding between the lace options. I’ll probably scrap both and use a third to add onto the mishmash.

yarn with the label saying the wrong colour

Just had to share this because whoever wrote down the colour had mislabeled it. Fig is a dark purple and I looked it up and I’m pretty sure this is raspberry. I couldn’t find any other bits of this colour at that Joanns, though.

week 160-161

I forgot what day it was but my sister-in-law asked me, on behalf on my niece, if I could make them a few baby hats or gloves that my niece could sell to raise money for her school.

I only had time to make three because I kept putting it off as my indecision to decide what to do kept preventing me from starting.

After a couple days of thinking and staring at my yarn for ideas, my initial thinking up what to do involved this.


Few days later. Two hats done.


Then the third. I didn’t feel like making another beanie so made a beret, although if you turned it inside out, you could make it a beanie. p1030962p1030963

All three hats.


My sister-in-law texted me the beanie sold but isn’t sure about the other two. I’m kind of proud that I made the beret but wish I had more time to make a “matching” mustache to go along with the beret but not sure how a baby could wear it.


I very heavily procrastinated over this time and few things were done.


Continued to knit this and I like the lacey nature of it. I should have used a needle two sizes bigger, but it still looks nice.


This will result into either a hat or a headband. Haven’t officially decided. This comes from the frogged yarn and my friend will still get the end product regardless of what results. I hope she likes it.


There is one more thing I started. A white scarf where I’m going by fives. Knit one then purl four and repeat. I think I should have done knit one, then purl four on the even sides and purl one and knit five on the odd sides, but I don’t mind how it looks now.


Oh. I did finally fix the fringe on this shawl.

For the longest time, I’ve been feeling the urge to paint again. It will happen soon.

Also, to happen soon, is opening the online shop. Props to all online sellers who know what they’re doing. I definitely don’t have a clue.

week 157

Not sure why I kept putting this post off,  but was going to post last night. Then, my kid came up to me and started tapping on my laptop screen, basically telling me he wanted me to log off so I did.

The pants are pretty much finished, except I haven’t been able to locate the clasps and snaps to put on the pants. It wouldn’t be practical to walk around holding the pants closed.


Stitching isn’t perfect and this left pocket is slightly wonky. I opened it to show off the material. The right one is perfect. I don’t aim for perfection in sewing but I was pretty proud of myself.


In case, you’re wondering how they look. Ignore the derpy look on my face. And the triple chin action. I placed my phone on the floor and took a picture.

Also, the zipper was actually open but I doubt that it would have made much of a difference in the picture, if I had closed it.


Remember the original shorts I made with the leftover plaid fabric? I added lace to the top and there’s elastic in the waistband so these are done. p1030918

Progress on the shorts.

These shorts are almost done but for some reason stitching them is a constant source of frustration. The fabric isn’t slippery so there isn’t any reason why it was causing me such trouble with the thread constantly snagging. By the way, these are going to my mom and the pink shorts behind it are for comparison.


The original pieces cut, but I had to slightly alter it to fit me. After the first ones are done, these will be stitched together.


The progress on the raglan sleeve top.

After trying to attach them and realising it wouldn’t fit, I frogged a bit of the yarn and am in the process of redoing the first sleeve. Hopefully this pullover will be finished by the end of the month.


The yarn I was going to use to make the tutorial on the alphabet and numbers. Instead I am using it to make this hat. Here are the first two pieces. It will be four pieces before I “sew” them together and it’s supposed to fit 22″.


I know I keep promising the tutorial but I’ve been busy with several projects. Plus, having your kid on a two week break from school, because he’s year round, leaves you with even less time.

weeks 154-155

It completely slipped my mind to post last week, hence nothing.


Had several projects going on at once these past two weeks.


Finished it on Monday, but the latter half of the week, after whenever it was started, was spent sewing a dress.

It was originally going to be lined but decided against it, because attaching it made the dress pucker in spaces around the sleeves.


I originally made the straps but they just felt odd so it was modified to this.

plaid dress

The ties are longer than they’re supposed to be, and were actually supposed to just be tied in the back, but I wear it wrapped around the back and tied in front, slightly askew.

I took a picture of myself wearing it without hemming the sleeves and the bottom, with the collar wider than preferred. It’s posted on the Instagram account which should be listed, if you look at my profile.

The dress ends above my knees and the sleeves end close by the elbows. It will look cute in tights and low heeled boots along with a sweater.

I did screw up on the sleeves and didn’t have enough fabric to completely cut them out again so added panels on the undersides.

The temptation to add a crochet edging is strong and perhaps will be added on, but at a later time. The insides are raw edges and that doesn’t feel right so have to do something for a cleaner look.


Speaking of crochet, this pullover is coming along nicely.


This was while crocheting the second side. There are parts where it’s obvious I hurried a bit.


The one on top is the sleeve and the bottom is the main body. This was before adding the rest of the white yarn.

Yarn chicken again resulted in my losing, but, on the plus side, have an excuse to go yarn shopping.


Originally, the plan was to use the purple yarn to show how to make the letters and numbers, which I will get around to actually posting on the blog, but just can’t make myself sit down and document step by step how to make each one.

I plan on “sewing” the letters and numbers, that were originally made, onto crocheted backs and then just give them to my son’s class. The idea of a board book made with the crocheted letters and numbers is still on my mind but will do that with the “new” letters.

While that’s currently on the back burner, I took this yarn to keep my hands busy when I took my mom to get her nails done last Saturday. People still look at you like you’re a magician when you crochet or knit in public. I’ve done both and don’t mind the looks of confusion but it still irks me that people confuse the two. Knitting and crocheting are two different methods but people seem to think they’re interchangeable.

Today, felt like switching it up and changed the stitch. Not sure how to keep it even whenever changing the stitch, even though the needle is still the same size. It also took a couple rows to get right.


By the way, I have not gotten around to posting anything on the online shop but soon.

week 141

I started plans on making my cousin’s wrist slash arm warmers and initially used the colors to see what would result, but after knitting then crocheting a few rows I didn’t like either.

I also wanted to plan out a relative’s scarf slash convertible cowl that I promised her some time ago.


So, I frogged the yarn and just randomly started to crochet something else with different yarn.


It’s not quite the length I like it to be so it will grow and have more pink stripes.


Continuation of the second pocket for this knit cardigan.


Continuation of the red scarf.

By the way, I wasn’t paying attention and stepped on the knitting needles and they hurt. Not even on the points, it was on the middle part.

I may have just accidentally added a stitch, but eh.

week 140

I recently returned to this project over the weekend.

What I thought would be okay as the other side, I stopped knitting at seven inches to make one of the pockets.

I measured my hand from the base to the top of my middle finger and it measures seven and an half inches, so was going to aim for eight inches originally.


Continuation of the red scarf.

I haven’t measured how long it is but am using the second ball. This took up most of last week.


Continuation of this project.

I still have more purple yarn so more circles.

I thought I had messed up on the one on the right because I ran out of yarn and had space, before I connected the two of them together and it’s perfect.


week 139

The green striped cardigan is finished.

I didn’t exactly sew on the buttons evenly and one collar is curled but I like it. Too bad it’s nearly summer and this cardigan is warm.


Continuation of the red scarf.


Continuation on this “project”.

It’s pretty much whatever color I’m in the mood to work with.

It’s still in the planning stages with how to put it all together.

Also, the first time I’ve used a lid (from an empty mixed nuts container) to determine how big the middle circle will be, but it’s more random than to make each one the same exact size.