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week 284

I’ve been focused on making a dress and another top, from the three fabrics I showed last week, except ran out of interfacing, so can’t sew everything together.

I showed the lace top last week, so now the other two fabrics.

The dyed velvet will be a layer to put under the lace top, or by itself. Not sure why I cut the pieces huge as there will probably be quite a bit of trimming off, since making a tank with blue velvet before, with this same pattern, and it fits perfectly so unsure why going up a size was needed.

yellow velvet tank pieces

The dress itself is coming along.

dress pieces

Measured it yesterday and have no idea how all the seams are two inches. The pieces are all mostly there. The skirt, pockets, top pieces, sleeves and facing bits for the top. Nothing is sewn together.

neckline drew out and about to be cut out

Originally was going to put in a button placket, but after a few hours of using scrap fabric and it kept getting sucked into the machine because nothing was interfaced, and the fabric is stretchier than I expected, decided to make it more simple. Could put in a zipper in the middle but since there will be an elastic waistband, decided this will be pullover style.

Will cut the part away for the neckline and put a piping or binding between the main body and facing parts. Unsure what to do with the open end of the sleeves, but will probably put binding on them, also. Hopefully, whatever I decide, all of this will be done by my birthday.

week 283

Some time over the last week, I was going through my fabric stash and reminded myself about the dress that was in the planning stages some time ago. It’s time to focus on that.

Before that, I did the second panel of the cardigan.

progress on cardigan, both side panels are done. now onto the fronts

I spent a whole day trying to figure out the fronts because I kept casting on bits that were too huge to fit, and finally decided it will be, as follows: RS K8, P8, K8. WS P24. repeat for fourteen inches/thirty-six cm. Then, depending on which side it’s on, bind off one stitch on the same side until it’s at one.

I’ve been putting off the dress for the longest time, because my indecisiveness got the better of me, but was making sketches the other day for a top, then heaps looking up how to create collar patterns on YouTube.

The lace was going to be part of it but decided it will be its own layer.

None of it is sewn up yet.

main body pieces

I originally used a store-bought pattern to get a basic idea of what to do, got frustrated so did one based on my measurements and cut the pieces generously. Was going to put extended cap sleeves but decided a wee bit longer and hence the slight kimono sleeves.

Part of me wants to crop it to right above my waist but anything above my belly button annoys me. (Measured from my shoulder to my waist and it’s seventeen inches/43cm, but to my belly button is 20″/51cm so there is also that bit.) The plan is to make the top as basic as possible, then put darts at the bottom.

collar pieces, pinned together

The collar pieces were a pain in the ass, because I kept measuring the neckline wrong. Not sure what I’m doing with the two strips but will probably end up as decoration. (Also, need to get some interfacing because can’t seem to find any in my stash.)

For the dress itself, not pictured. Have only cut enough for the skirt, but the plan is to have a front buttoned dress with an elastic waist on the skirt. And, yes, pockets.

Here’s a reminder of what fabrics I’m using for the dress.

yellow velvet, cloud fabric and gold lace

week 282

For some reason I forgot about this last week. I made a collar to put on something, which isn’t anything planned at the moment.

Folded up, it looks like a flower, because of the way it’s made.

pink collar, rolled

Unfolded, it’s easier to see that it’s a collar. I used two of the leftover yarns from the striped pullover. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s nothing to attach it to.

pink collar, unrolled

An update on the cardigan. Nearing the middle of the second panel of the cardigan, before the front parts then the button plackets.

progress on cardigan using Deborah Norville yarn

I’ve been quite lazy attaching the frame together, because there is no cross brace to put in the middle, but they’re mostly together and just need a little mallet action to even them out.

But, still. I bought what will be put as the first few layers. After putting two layers of acrylic gesso, putting down thin layers of heavily thinned out red and blue. Then, layering oil paint over the background.

By the way, my first venture into Hobby Lobby. I’m not subtle about the fact I’m extremely liberal, but still wanted to check it out. The owner(s) may not be great, (the whole stealing artifacts that don’t belong to them. By the way, that Cascade yarn you’re using, the owner isn’t subtle about being a Trump supporter, either, and blasts her views on Twitter.) but the people, who work at the specific one I went to, are super nice. I could spend a whole post about my issues with trying to be ethical and using your money as your mouthpiece, but sometimes my cheap ass wins out over ethics, which isn’t something I shouldn’t be admitting to in the public sphere. We’re all navigating our way around and not all our choices would be what we consider perfect. You’ve got to do the stuff you feel cringey about in order to know what’s correct for yourself. I originally went on Friday and bought watercolours but returned and exchanged them this Monday for the acrylics, simply because watercolours will not work on canvas.

containers of gesso, acrylic paints and matte medium

Oh, just some light reading. This book is really informative, albeit a teenager. It should be revised and expanded again.

Revised and Expanded The Painter's Handbook by Mark David Gottsegen

week 281

I’m a day late because of a personal matter taking up a good chunk of the morning into afternoon, then not setting enough time to spend a wee bit of time here afterwards.

The hearts I made last week were gladly received by the adults, who had them all pinned to their tops when I picked up Munchkin, and two of the kids thanked me. The leftover yarn will be turned into more hearts. I have the one I gave to Dylan. Not exactly sure what to do with all of them once the yarns used up.

hearts in process

Have three hearts done, including his. The directions came off another website but the second row, I gave up and winged it. Also, it makes it way quicker with a K/6.5mm sized hooks with chunky yarn. I’m moving up a hook size so probably will have less than ten hearts. Each bit of yarn made two full sized hearts plus a smaller one with the K hook.

The cardigan I’m knitting is in progress.

progress of one of the front panels

I haven’t gotten as far as expected and thought it would be level with the bottom of the armhole bind off, but not there yet. Also switched over to straights because the circular needles kept curling and it was driving me nuts. Especially since casting on twenty stitches. Purposely made the armholes in the back wide, so they can be narrow on the front. Only plan to bind off with ten stitches to the shoulders, and it will lose a few from both the front and back.

There will be blue buttons on the finished item but haven’t compared the ones bought yesterday to the yarn.

I’m about to attach the stretcher bars but didn’t fully attach them. Yesterday, went to Joanns to buy Dritz staples and it must have been a while, because tried to replace the empty staple gun in the wrong order. Together they don’t fit, which after two minutes was confusing me, so looked it up how to put them in and they fit. Take out the one thing, put in staples then replace the bit you take out. Also, I called a local art store and they only sold extremely large or in the 20s” range for cross braces, and the girl on the phone suggested I get wood at home depot, which I’m about to do. Should have just built the frame from scratch which will be what I do from now on, if I want to do larger than I normally do scale. I’m also looking into getting a few shades of dry pigments and make my own oil paint. Can you make paint by melting down oil pastels and mixing in linseed oil?

week 280

I’m currently crocheting hearts for the kids in my son’s class, for tomorrow, with chunky yarn and a K/8.50mm sized hook, which makes it easy and quick. (Especially when you’re a horrible procrastinator.)

Haven’t really done much but picked up where I left off on one of the knitting projects in my closet. One was completely frogged, and the other is turning into a cardigan. It was going to be a pullover but want to use up buttons from my stash.

reached around thirteen inches on the back of knitting a cardigan

Have been spending a few hours at a time knitting. Unsure what buttons will go with this but it’s going to look nice when it’s done.

I want to build a mini shadowbox and am toying around with posterboard.

askew paper box with separations

Even with the edges, it isn’t straight and was more of a diamond, which isn’t bad. I didn’t make the edges deep enough to slot everything and the measurements are so off. I tried to glue the edges down and it slightly straightened it out but the edges aren’t smooth so the glue didn’t fully take.

week 261-262

I found it impossible to post anything last week as my energy level dropped and patience was almost non-existent.

This part was finished some time last week. I originally connected the sleeve where the seam was on top, but fixed it so both the side and sleeve seams are in (almost) one line. Still have to knit the other sleeve then the middle bits, connect everything and then block it all.

half the pullover

I frogged a project and will reuse the yarn for something else, that I have no idea the end result. There have been sketches done that shows a starting point, but things rarely finish as it looks in the preliminary sketch. Starting with the green then use the blue. Can’t remember the yarn name except it’s not been made in a really long time, and that the website it was bought on, doesn’t exist anymore.

start of another project

Finally getting around to sewing the final pattern pieces for the dress. Most of them were drafted from measurements and constant trying it on, but the skirt was traced from a Simplicity skirt pattern piece. Depending on the result, might make the skirt more a-line. The sleeves might change, and will probably be longer.

dress pattern pieces

This bracelet has been in pieces, sitting in the desk for the longest time, so finally just put it all together. Took two tries as the first one was too wide, and would have easily flown off my wrist during sudden hand movements.

bracelet and earrings

week 221-222

Happy New Year.

There’s something refreshing about the idea of starting over with a clean slate. Except, every January involves me trying to finish up as many projects from the previous year. And I have many.


I’ve made some progress on the oversized pullover I’m making with the Red Heart’s Unforgettable Yarn in parrot. I’m not sure I’ll be done with the amount that can be seen at the top of the photo.

The shoulder seams aren’t joined and still need to add the rest of the bottom before adding the second colour.

progress on pullover using Red Heart yarn

And, an up close of the stitches for the pullover.

I originally was trying to do a basic spike stitch but instead of using the front loop and going to the one below, it’s back loop and going into a stitch on a lower row. It’s an alternate of hdc/htc and making that spike. It’s colourful and the colours sometimes abruptly end which is I like.

upclose progress on pullover


I got bored one night and used up some nail polish to paint with. The pink blob in the middle completely throws it off and looks awful. I’m not sure what I can add to even it out.

quick painting with nail polishes


Was quite surprised to get a really pretty yarn bowl for Christmas and just showing it off. I wish I knew the one who made it but obviously my sister-in-law won’t tell me who she bought it from.

yarn bowl in various yarns


I don’t think I’ve shared this before but these are the crystals I’m crushing, to turn into pigment. So far, only one has been problematic to turn into powder, because of its hardness. Yes, it’s not exactly free of toxins and a lot of them are much paler than I expected, but the end result will still be worth it.

I’m not exactly so awesome I could charge the crystals with good energy but whoever ends up with the painting (or paintings, depending on how much paint I end up having), I can promise I’m in a good mood while creating.

In a sense, every piece of art, whether it’s a tv show or the glass you see in some doors or whatever that’s been created, some essence of the creator is a part of the end result. We’re constantly leaving behind pieces of ourselves, whether it’s obvious or not.

crystals and containers


I cut out the alphabet from the tissue box and was almost worried I would be one letter less because the letter N was a pain in the butt because I kept doing it backwards.

I want to use these letters and for each letter, make something to represent that letter. One of my friends is having a baby in May but I want to make a book for her and her kid out of the end result.

alphabet made from tissue box cardboard


It took me five seconds of staring at the nail polish painting and figured out what it needed.nail polish painting

I turned the pink blob into another head and so it’s three ambiguous heads looking outward, into maybe water. There’s no name for it, as of this moment.