weeks 357-360

I meant to post yesterday to make it exactly a month since the last post but time escaped me. Haven’t had much time for crafting as I’m currently trying to reorganise and digitise as much as possible so there’s less paper, and it’s quite overwhelming, but had to start somewhere. I’ve only done two things in the past month.

The quilt is finally finished.

I put a bit of extra squares on the top as sort of an uneven inside binding.

Blurry picture of part of the top of the quilt
Quilt top before  everything was sandwiched together

The other thing was to alter a pillowcase. My mum bought a pillow from (if I remember correctly) World Market and part of it was starting to have open seams on the front, so she gave it to me to remake it so Dylan can have another pillow.

Original front pillow cover and didn’t crop out my leg
Current pillowcase front
Current pillowcase back

It’s slightly smaller and had to remove the zipper because it was closing oddly so made it so you can slip the pillow form in from the back, but need to put snaps on the ribbons.

While I’m not able to make things, I’m just trying to slightly downsize my possessions and doing the whole recycle/toss, donate or possibly sell. Also, I’m finally getting around to putting things I’ve made on Bigcartel but pricing things have always evaded me.

weeks 354-356

So…it’s been a while, and, if you’re going to use spray paint then use a proper mask, because I learned quickly I’m not smart and was having a hard time breathing for about half an hour because of it. Also why the heck is Rustoleum Aged Metallic Vintage Gold not easily found locally? It’s a pretty shade of gold and had to finish the painting portion with a different gold and slightly messed it up.

I’ve been wanting a wee tray table that can be moved around. The two empty frames were on my wall. I actually tried to strip the red paint off one but it didn’t come off and actually like the shade it became after it was sprayed. The red paint came off the crisscross fencing bit way easier. Thing is I just wasted my time using the Citristrip and should have gone ahead and just sprayed everything in one go. It took several days to figure that out. Also, with all painted projects, waiting is the worst.

The handles aren’t attached but the frame and crisscross bits are attached, although I haven’t fully nailed in some nails as insurance in case the E6000 needs a bit of help. It doesn’t but couldn’t hurt. The darker gold is on top and the frames and I plan on painting the sides before attaching little feet for the underside. It’s sorta meh as it is but I’ll finish it when I actually have the wood parts for the feet.

Partial crisscross fencing inside frame and both painted gold

Another painting project was deciding what to do with that 17” wood circle. I coated both sides of the wood circle with matte medium then one side plainly with black gesso and the other also with the same gesso then layered colours over it. Need to put a shellac or something over it then stick a handle in it because I also want to use this as a tray.

Painted 17” wood circle

The crochet project is ongoing. It’s simple mesh and probably going to end up as a shrug.

Striped crochet project

That lace shrug I wanted to alter is finished. It was sitting in a drawer in parts. The ties aren’t even with one side higher than the other. The sleeves are much shorter and used most of that lace to cover the raw edges.

Brown lace shrug

And there’s a pattern I’m drafting. I realise I need to make myself coveralls so there’s no worry about getting messy and having acrylic paint or mineral spirits stains on my shirt. So drafting it has started. Yes that’s Winnie the Pooh fabric. It’s not enough to make a muslin but just need enough to get an idea of what to do.

Pattern drafting