week 353

Had three yards of fabric and quickly decided I wanted a dress.

Pattern pieces for front and back

Drafting is getting easier but I tend to make patterns a bit on the loose side, because I’m not putting buttons or a zipper.

Top half without neck binding

The sleeves were drafted, also. The top half of the dress without the neck binding.

The two halves of the dress

Went the rectangle route with the skirt and put pockets.

Foot peeking out of dress

Dress without hemming. I should rehem it because I didn’t trim it but put it up about six inches.

Hem of dress

Here’s a pic of me wearing it before hemming the dress so it should be a tiny bit shorter. Also showing off it has pockets.

Oh there’s another something. Pretty sure it’s a boy but he’s faceless, nameless and still naked. Need to fix their tail, too.

Faceless rabbit stuffy

weeks 348-352

This will be quick. I’ve not really been creating much in the past month because part of me has felt that what I do is trivial, compared with what is going on in the world. Black Lives Matter and have been educating myself on being a better person. It’s been an almost lifelong effort and continues to this day, and will keep going until I’m dead. The hard part is letting your ego not be part of the equation. Actually, the hard part is being in a family full of racist transphobes under the guise of pious Christians/Catholics.

Also, I’m in the process of reorganising everything, so my tools and such have a home. Documenting my weekly crafting will return soon.