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weeks 315-317

These past three weeks have been extremely unproductive. Especially last week, for personal reasons.

I’ve started another crochet shawl, and have started and frogged twice. Erratic crafting leads to questioning your decision making.

It looks okay now so will continue with this.

black crochet shawl, beginning

I picked up the oddly cabled colourful cardigan again, and knitting the shoulders before binding them off. I still have sleeves to knit, then the bit for the buttons and not buttons. Used a small needle, because those needles are being used for something else. I’ve decided the rest of the year will be spent finishing up as many projects as possible. There’s too many, and really need to stop starting too many to handle.

one shoulder knit seam

Finally applied the last layer of gesso, using a brush. I applied three layers of gesso with a roller and it didn’t full cover it, as patches of the canvas peeked through.

It took longer to open the container, than apply the fourth layer. The hairdryer trick worked except it happened after watching the episode of SNL with Chance the Rapper and alternating between the hairdryer and an X-acto knife. The episode was over for two minutes before I was able to open it successfully. And after using it, I closed the container without wiping off the excess on the lid, so will have to do it again, when I next need to apply gesso.

gesso canvas

Finally put the small weavings in a frame. The white background was glaring, so washed a layer of pale grey on the white.

small weavings framed

week 100

blue elephant with ears

I attached ears to the crochet elephant and it’s slightly weighing it down even though the ears aren’t stuffed like the rest of it.

Still undecided over the face and the tail.

coasters plus circle

I’ve made more “coasters” and intentionally took them from the side so you can’t see the letter on top.

I have to make at least one more, but all of these, except the bottom one, are all going out to different people in the club I’m involved in.

By the way, I had a hard time making the letter M. Hopefully, the one it goes out to isn’t terribly bothered by the fact it’s horrible looking. I tried crocheting the letter at least five times and each time, it looked less horrible. The one I’m sending is the first one after I made a decent looking one that didn’t fit the circle.

plum and bowl

I crocheted a little bowl using leftovers bits of yarn so it’s striped purple and blue.

The “plum” on top was also made using leftover yarn. I added the two leaves because it looked weird by itself.

knitted walls

After going through quite a few knitting books and magazines, I got it in my mind that I wanted to knit a little house.

The pieces on the right, which still need to be blocked, are the walls.

The one on the left was just leftover but I could try incorporating it into the rest of the house.

I haven’t decided if I want to make the roof a dark red or a greyish blue, although every person I’ve asked (Okay, the only person I’ve asked) suggested the dark red.

Also, have not officially decided if the roof should be crocheted or garter stitch.

Once I have the yarn in my hands, I’ll know.

new knitting project

Over the weekend, I cast on 129/130 (lost count after 120) stitches but got to row 10 and have no idea how I added stitches but made it worse. After getting to row 13, frogged the whole thing.

After I took it off the needles, I found it was too wide so it was a mixed blessing.

This yarn has been sitting there for a while and I wound it all onto balls. In total, nine, because of tangled yarn at the end.

I am still in the planning stages but I’m making myself another cardigan.

I’ve just cast on ten but the first row cast on will be 100.

week ninety-six


I started making envelopes out of all the scrapbook paper lying around, not being used.

I’m about halfway done and have the rest ready to cut and assemble.

I did trace the template used onto the leftover cardboard from the stack but don’t plan on cutting it out.

more crochet circles

A couple more circles.

Both were done on a car ride.

The smaller one on the way there and the larger one started on the trip back and finished at home. With a little steam and some blocking it’ll flatten out. I want to add to it so it could possibly grow bigger. Into a huge granny square. The smaller one will go into the circles project.

waves shawl or wrap

I finished the shawl or wrap.

Two skeins. One in Knitpicks’ Brava Sport Yarn in Cream and Artyarns’s Supermerino in the 1027 colorway.

The leftover bit of the Artyarns skein was added to the sides to make a bit more fringe. I prefer more fringe but it looks decent enough. Perhaps I’ll knot it.

week ninety-five

Quicker than usual post.

Was going to post this yesterday but my headache took over last night and caused an earlier than usual bedtime, so my priorities shifted.

In case you’re wondering why my sheets look different, I was doing laundry at the time.

connected circles

The circles so far, connected.

Haven’t bothered to weave in the loose ends just yet.

Definitely need more circles.

shawl/wrap up close

shawl/wrap stitches

Started this shawl or wrap last week, after finally deciding what to do after the constant starting and undoing of the yarns. Basically, I took out one of my books and just winged it using one of the stitches.

The container, I had it in, had two crochet hooks and so have no idea when I switched up to a bigger hook.

weaving four

A fourth weaving.

Worsted weight yarn barely fits in the crevices of the weaving loom but still works.

week eighty-one

blue circles

Haven’t woven any ends in for the last seven circles, but almost have ten circles completed. Just need two more than I can connect these to the first row of the circles rug.

red squares

This is for a project I have in the planning stages and don’t want to reveal too much, but it involves snail mail and….

The number I decided on was seven.

Each of these will hold something and are numbered. Two of them are numbered five, which, for some odd reason, I can’t seem to write out without it looking like a deformed J. I will probably try to write it out one more time and use that version. The numbers are covered up for that reason.

knit sweater sleeve

In my need to hurry up and knit the sleeves for my sweater, I forced myself to finish one sleeve today. It doesn’t exactly follow the sketch, because I was worried about running out of yarn. Still need to weave in the ends and then add this to one side.

Hopefully I can duplicate the other sleeve just by looking at this one. I have basic measurements of where I ended rows. Also, that I started off with 80 stitches. Also, everything knitted was done on a 36 inch US size 9 needle. The crocheted bits, I forget.

I want to add cuffs, but I’ll make those after both sleeves are done.

After the sleeves, just need to add edging, block the whole thing then can wear it.

I’m actually kinda proud that this is my first real knitting project that I will actually finish. It’s a shame I didn’t write down what I did as I went along and have a free pattern or whatever that people can have.

striped tank

The other knitting project.

This definitely needs to be lined if it will be worn as a tank.

There are a couple of holes but it doesn’t bother me that much. I can close the holes by sewing them shut and adding a pearl or another jewel, or just leave it open.

week one


I have become lately obsessed with making sweets. Mostly popsicles.

The lazy person’s version of them.

As in around three ingredients I can throw in a blender and then freeze in a mold. A mold that can only make four at a time.

First ever attempt was strawberries and cherries. Not bad but quite tart.

Second attempt was with those two and blueberries and agave nectar.


(I only have plastic wrap so no fancy packaging at all. Having only four sticks, I have resorted to breaking wood skewers in half.)

Today, I blended some coconut milk and pineapple and added some agave nectar. (I’m not comfortable enough to appease my inner alcoholic just yet, so didn’t put in rum to make a frozen drink on a stick.) Somehow warming up the pineapple makes it tastes better because I had fully defrosted them in the microwave then between my almost three year old and myself, a lot of the pineapple went missing.

Yes. One is missing.

popsicle 2

Where on earth does Muscle Beach/Hot Dog on a Stick get their sticks? I need those.


I’ve gotten it into my head that I should make a garland. Yarn pom-poms with fabric yo-yos.

The idea for this garland came from when my niece wanted a heart garland after she brought a scrapbook sheet with her. Some of the paper wasn’t usable but was able to make quite a bit.



So, I did this with those hearts.

heart garland

I didn’t like it so I’m just going to stick the hearts, minus the ones on the right which were glued down, in a fabric bag and reuse them for something else.

So. There was some frozen strawberries and so some more popsicles and some goodies were made.


One of the four. Strawberries, a handful of blueberries, agave nectar and whole milk were blended together.

(I didn’t measure anything out so I can’t give anything exact.)

I had tons left so added more strawberries and milk and agave until I ended up with about three and a half cups.

Using about two cups of the strawberries, I added vanilla and two eggs. Mixed it with two and a half cups of whole wheat flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt. There was some melted coconut oil added but I forgot how much. Made cupcakes.

While trying to mix the cupcakes, the whisk fell apart.


The leftover I made a sauce where I added the leftover melted coconut oil and a lot of powdered sugar. (I didn’t measure so no idea just how much sugar.)


I poured some sauce over some of the cupcakes in lieu of frosting.


I still had about a cup and a half of strawberry sauce so I made a cake with it, after chilling the leftover in the fridge (adding the leftover coconut milk in the fridge, which seemed like almost three tablespoons).

2 cups of whole wheat flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 salt to the sauce then one egg and1/2 cup of milk.

It resulted in this: