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weeks 315-317

These past three weeks have been extremely unproductive. Especially last week, for personal reasons.

I’ve started another crochet shawl, and have started and frogged twice. Erratic crafting leads to questioning your decision making.

It looks okay now so will continue with this.

black crochet shawl, beginning

I picked up the oddly cabled colourful cardigan again, and knitting the shoulders before binding them off. I still have sleeves to knit, then the bit for the buttons and not buttons. Used a small needle, because those needles are being used for something else. I’ve decided the rest of the year will be spent finishing up as many projects as possible. There’s too many, and really need to stop starting too many to handle.

one shoulder knit seam

Finally applied the last layer of gesso, using a brush. I applied three layers of gesso with a roller and it didn’t full cover it, as patches of the canvas peeked through.

It took longer to open the container, than apply the fourth layer. The hairdryer trick worked except it happened after watching the episode of SNL with Chance the Rapper and alternating between the hairdryer and an X-acto knife. The episode was over for two minutes before I was able to open it successfully. And after using it, I closed the container without wiping off the excess on the lid, so will have to do it again, when I next need to apply gesso.

gesso canvas

Finally put the small weavings in a frame. The white background was glaring, so washed a layer of pale grey on the white.

small weavings framed

week 107

progress on backpack

Was hoping to have finished this last Thursday, when Tuesday morning I suddenly found myself with almost no energy because of something that happened Monday night.

I have no control over the whole situation and rather not go into that here. Plus, I’m pretty sure everyone who follows me on Twitter, who follow this, want me to stfu about it.

The friend I’m doing this for said to take my times, so there is much less pressure on me. I want to be done with this soon, so I can give it to him and be finally done.

I’m having issues attaching the sides to the back. Once I’m past that, the rest will be a breeze.

finished pillow

I finished the pillow for my cousin. It’s really simple and I’m chuffed it looks pretty decent.

My sewing skills need more practice, at this point in time.

triangle shawl progress

Progress on the shawl.

I’ve not finished up all the triangles, but started attaching each row.

To take a picture, I folded it in half. The second row down’s bits aren’t weaved in.

It looks a bit odd, but will look much better when it’s finished and blocked.

second knitted house

I had so much fun knitting The Knob House, that I’m knitting a second house.

I’m not doing it the same way as last time.

In case, anyone was wondering, I decided to go with Big Cartel for an online shop. Looks like I need to change the seller’s permit but I’m good with the other stuff. For the time being, it will be under my name. Need to call BOE tomorrow. It would be annoying if I have to completely fill out a new permit with everything the same except the name. I do like the other name but I’m tired of waiting. It’s hard but I need to have more faith in myself. I’ve been putting it off and it’s time. When it’s finally open, I’ll link to it in my About page.

week 105


I added a little more to the pullover’s sleeves and finished this top.

I’m tempted to make a small cowl to the neck but I like it the way it is.

I have tried it on and it’s plenty loose and oversized.


I posted this fabric on Instagram and reposted it on Twitter which reposted onto Facebook.

My cousin saw it and requested a pillow made with it.

The pillowcase measures 12.5 by 18.5 inches.

Have to gather up enough fabric scraps to make the pillow form to insert into the case, then I can send it to her.

Green bag

This former baby blanket has been sitting in the pile of fabric for To-Dos.

I’ve been wanting a little bag to hold all my tools in one place but not sure this will be it.

I’ve got a huge pile of projects to do.


This is a huge project, in itself.

My friend Mike came by and dropped it off in July. I originally agreed to fix the holes and the main zipper but decided to just make him a new one.

I’m somewhat in over my head because I didn’t keep the pieces in their right piles and sewing it by memory. I should have taken pictures as I took it apart.

The back is pretty much done.

Now for the rest.

He’ll have it by next week. It won’t be perfect but that’s what happens. I’m not a factory.


I’ve finally decided to open an online store, as opposed to putting things off again, because I need to get rid of things that are just taking up space.

Thing is I can’t decide between Supadupa and Big Cartel. I’m leaning towards Big Cartel because I want to start smaller.

I’ll link to it here and on my Instagram when it’s all settled. It will be under my name.

week 103



I finally started taking apart my friend’s backpack so I can use those pieces to make a new one. I didn’t realise there were so many parts.

I’m sneaking in fabric, on the inside, from his mum’s stash that he gave me after she passed away.

It will be done.


front and back shoulder seam

The pullover turned out to be bigger than I planned but still okay.

I like really loose tops but haven’t tried it on, so unsure just how loose.

Only one shoulder has been seamed.

Not sure how the sleeves will end up but will add to it if it is cap sleeved.

red roof

I’ve almost finished with the roof by knitting a wee chimney for it.

It’s just a matter of embroidery for windows, the main door and putting small eaves on a side, then stuffing the whole thing.

I’ve nicknamed the house The Knob House because of the chimney.

purple mini poncho

This is an experiment in what I will end up with. I assume it’ll be a small poncho but it’s not finished.

week 102

knitted house roof

Frogged the smaller sides and decided to make the front and back first, so I know exactly how big to knit the smaller sides. Rather than doing the reverse.

The tissue box is just to hold the walls and floors for now and a visual reminder to how big the whole house will become.

The end product will be stuffed.

knitted cardigan progress

This is the slow progress of the cardigan I’m knitting.

I only spent an afternoon or two on it.

This is what bothers me about knitting. I’m impatient and my progress is extremely slow.

The end result is always worth it, though.

triangle shawl

I was watching YouTube on Saturday and viewing random crochet videos and got an idea to make a triangular shawl made entirely out of triangles.

It’s not a new idea but want to see if I like the end result.

The color scheme isn’t finalized but I’ve decided on the second basic sketch. Either cream or off-white yarn will fill in the empty spaces, and to connect all the triangles.

back of crocheted top

This is the crochet top/pullover I started last week.

This is the back with a piece starting the front.

They’ll mirror each other and the sides will be seamed.

I haven’t decided if I want to add to it to make longer sleeves, because there will be short sleeves.

Also, haven’t decided if I wanted to add on an edging.

week 100

blue elephant with ears

I attached ears to the crochet elephant and it’s slightly weighing it down even though the ears aren’t stuffed like the rest of it.

Still undecided over the face and the tail.

coasters plus circle

I’ve made more “coasters” and intentionally took them from the side so you can’t see the letter on top.

I have to make at least one more, but all of these, except the bottom one, are all going out to different people in the club I’m involved in.

By the way, I had a hard time making the letter M. Hopefully, the one it goes out to isn’t terribly bothered by the fact it’s horrible looking. I tried crocheting the letter at least five times and each time, it looked less horrible. The one I’m sending is the first one after I made a decent looking one that didn’t fit the circle.

plum and bowl

I crocheted a little bowl using leftovers bits of yarn so it’s striped purple and blue.

The “plum” on top was also made using leftover yarn. I added the two leaves because it looked weird by itself.

knitted walls

After going through quite a few knitting books and magazines, I got it in my mind that I wanted to knit a little house.

The pieces on the right, which still need to be blocked, are the walls.

The one on the left was just leftover but I could try incorporating it into the rest of the house.

I haven’t decided if I want to make the roof a dark red or a greyish blue, although every person I’ve asked (Okay, the only person I’ve asked) suggested the dark red.

Also, have not officially decided if the roof should be crocheted or garter stitch.

Once I have the yarn in my hands, I’ll know.

new knitting project

Over the weekend, I cast on 129/130 (lost count after 120) stitches but got to row 10 and have no idea how I added stitches but made it worse. After getting to row 13, frogged the whole thing.

After I took it off the needles, I found it was too wide so it was a mixed blessing.

This yarn has been sitting there for a while and I wound it all onto balls. In total, nine, because of tangled yarn at the end.

I am still in the planning stages but I’m making myself another cardigan.

I’ve just cast on ten but the first row cast on will be 100.

week ninety-nine

banana republic sweater one

banana republic sweater two

banana republic sweater three

I’m going to start off by saying this sweater was around $168 and from Banana Republic. It was my favorite sweater and always got complimented every time I wore it.

I got really sad that every time I tried to fix the hole in the front, that it kept getting worse, so I’ve decided to frog the whole thing and make another sweater out of it.

The cowl will still be a cowl, though.

bowl, upside down


This bowl looks really wonky because I didn’t put enough Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid all over.

It would have worked better if I had diluted some of it with water, rather than pour it over and work it into the crochet with my fingers, because the bag method wasn’t doing the job.

I also don’t have any containers big enough to completely drape the bowl over, so the edging is slightly curled over on purpose.

I should have left off the pink border, also.

elephant without ears

There’s this little guy I’m working on.

I haven’t attached the ears yet and I’m not sure what to do about his face or tail.

Also, there is no name.

blue collar

The idea for the elephant came about while I made this.

This still needs a button for the closure.

The last two projects were made from yarn I had made a scarf with that was sitting in the closet.

week ninety-eight

I’ll start off the week by saying I’ve frogged the pink and grey knitting project because I decided to use the yarn for another project.

weaving five

Finished this over the weekend but haven’t removed it from the loom.

ombre tank top

This took two or three days.

The bottom turned into a peplum after I was experimenting with the stitches but then went back to just half treble or half double stitches.

I didn’t write it down but it started off.


Hdc/Ht next row.

Make sure ends are not twisted and slipstitch ends together.

This is where it gets vague.


Hdc/Ht third and fourth row.

Hdc2tog/Ht2og then hdc/ht* Next two rows.

I think Hdc/Ht the next four rows then Hdc2tog/Ht2tog the next two, before returning to Hdc/Ht the rest of the rows, but can’t tell from looking at it.


I didn’t do anything to keep the colors from jogging and actually like the angle they make. If I really wanted, it could be worn it so the unevenness will be on the back.

Also, at some point, (wasn’t paying attention and) changed the needle size, going from H to J.

I also split the second color into three balls so I knew when to add colors.

The straps were guesstimated, worrying they would be too long. Originally ch35 but redid it to ch40 then three rows before attaching them to the back. When I made the chain then attached it originally, it kept twisting on me.

It isn’t blocked and still have to weave in the ends but I have tried the top on and it fits perfectly and ends right after my belly button.

The more I look at it, the more I want to turn this into a dress. I don’t like close fitting skirts so will have to figure out a way to make it loose.

week ninety-six


I started making envelopes out of all the scrapbook paper lying around, not being used.

I’m about halfway done and have the rest ready to cut and assemble.

I did trace the template used onto the leftover cardboard from the stack but don’t plan on cutting it out.

more crochet circles

A couple more circles.

Both were done on a car ride.

The smaller one on the way there and the larger one started on the trip back and finished at home. With a little steam and some blocking it’ll flatten out. I want to add to it so it could possibly grow bigger. Into a huge granny square. The smaller one will go into the circles project.

waves shawl or wrap

I finished the shawl or wrap.

Two skeins. One in Knitpicks’ Brava Sport Yarn in Cream and Artyarns’s Supermerino in the 1027 colorway.

The leftover bit of the Artyarns skein was added to the sides to make a bit more fringe. I prefer more fringe but it looks decent enough. Perhaps I’ll knot it.

week ninety-five

Quicker than usual post.

Was going to post this yesterday but my headache took over last night and caused an earlier than usual bedtime, so my priorities shifted.

In case you’re wondering why my sheets look different, I was doing laundry at the time.

connected circles

The circles so far, connected.

Haven’t bothered to weave in the loose ends just yet.

Definitely need more circles.

shawl/wrap up close

shawl/wrap stitches

Started this shawl or wrap last week, after finally deciding what to do after the constant starting and undoing of the yarns. Basically, I took out one of my books and just winged it using one of the stitches.

The container, I had it in, had two crochet hooks and so have no idea when I switched up to a bigger hook.

weaving four

A fourth weaving.

Worsted weight yarn barely fits in the crevices of the weaving loom but still works.