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week six


Yesterday I was trying to make these cheese crackers because I was really wanting cheese puffs and looking through my cookbooks. They came out yummy but not quite the texture I wanted. I rolled them too thick and piercing before they were cooked didn’t work.

cheese cracker backs cheese crackers

2 cups of cheese (I used 1 and 1/2 cups of cheddar plus Colby and Monterey Jack for the rest,

although it came up to the rim of the measuring cup so was more 2 and 1/3?)

1 and 1/2 cup of flour

1 stick of melted butter, unsalted

1 egg

1/2 cup of sour cream


Cholula Chili Garlic hot sauce (obviously to your liking)

Mix all together then set in fridge and let sit for about half an hour.

Roll out dough and cut with cutters into whatever shape you want or cut into strips.

Cook at 350 for about 10 minutes.

If you want a slightly crispy bottom, spray PAM on foil before placing the crackers.

Cholula Chili Garlic. The only question I have is why is this stuff only made in small 5 oz. bottles? This is the only hot sauce I like and it needs to be bottled in jars. Okay, gallons.



Ground beef is either made into meatloaf, meatballs, hamburgers or Stroganov.

Stroganov it was.

I browned off the beef in squares with salt and pepper, then set it in the dish before putting three tablespoons of butter in the pan and then adding some onions until soft; added a can of mushrooms (I prefer fresh mushrooms but the 16 oz can was good enough). After cooking them, I cheated and added the Lipton’s sauce mix with the amount of water it says on the back. After it cooked for about ten minutes, I took it off the heat and added three huge spoonfuls of sour cream.

After putting the sauce on the hamburgers, I cooked the whole thing in the oven at 350 for about twenty-five minutes.

P1020697 stroganov with peas and rice

Chicken Soup

I had boiled five chicken drumsticks with one huge carrot (probably would equal two regular size carrots), a couple of celery sticks and three garlic cut in halves.

After boiling for about an hour, I cut everything into pieces except for the garlic which got smashed.

I put the stock back on the stove and added some water. I added three handfuls of macaroni and a whole cut up tomato.

The pasta is fully cooked and add back the chicken and the other veggies it was cooked with and reheated for a minute before adding the juice of one lemon and two tablespoons of patis. I did add a little salt and pepper at one point.

This is a terrible picture of the whole thing, because the steam kept fogging up the camera. It’s not pretty and I did consider putting it in the blender.

chicken soup


By the way, my child will start attending preschool on the first Monday of November. I am both anxious and completely happy for him.

week four


Yesterday, my sister-in-law and niece came over. My sister-in-law really wants to sell her (not used, price tag still on them) clothes online, so while she was doing that, I putzed around on Etsy looking up “examples” of people’s wares because I finally want to start selling things I’ve made on there. It is overwhelming to think up a logo and all that stuff. I have no idea what I am doing.

Before they showed up, I made a Shepherd’s Pie and another chocolate cake.

shepherd's pie close up of shepherd's pie

I didn’t cook enough mashed potatoes so a thin layer covered the beef.

I didn’t measure but there is onion, half a green pepper, one carrot (although there should be more), and celery cooked up first, then the beef was cooked separately. I added the veggies back then added a whole can of tomato paste and some flour, plus salt and pepper. Added a can of broth and cooked it up for a few minutes until it looked like spaghetti sauce. Lastly added some frozen peas then put all of it in the bottom of the pan.

While doing that, boiled potatoes, then added butter, milk, and some sour cream, salt and pepper, then put that on top of the beef.

350 degrees F for about twenty-five minutes. You’re supposed to broil the top to brown it but, eh, I forgot.



It has been a completely uneventful week cooking and/or craft-wise. Tuesday, I did officially start the process of getting my son into preschool and this morning, I did get a text from an ex asking about that project I mentioned last week. I still plan on doing that but in a more modified manner. Apparently, a lot of people have issues being filmed talking honestly.

I did make a meatloaf and mashed potatoes yesterday.

meatloaf and mashed potatoes


The meatloaf was easy.

1 lb ground beef

1 slice of bread soaked in milk (drain the excess milk before adding it)

1 egg

salt and pepper

Mix and put together in pan and cook at 350 degree F for an hour.


The mashed potatoes started off as scalloped, but after cooking up onion in butter and adding salt and pepper and pouring some milk over them, then sprinkling parmesan onto it. I cooked them at 400 for ten minutes then decided to smash some of them.

Turned the oven down to 350 and put them in for another half hour.

I like my mashed potatoes smooth so used my masher then a fork, but it still came out lumpy in some parts.

Also, it just occurred to me but I did make mashed potatoes more than once this week.

About that business stuff, I still have no idea what I am doing. I’m probably overthinking it as I usually do about everything. I am researching where to go to do business cards and I’m heavily leaning towards Vistaprint.