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week 107

progress on backpack

Was hoping to have finished this last Thursday, when Tuesday morning I suddenly found myself with almost no energy because of something that happened Monday night.

I have no control over the whole situation and rather not go into that here. Plus, I’m pretty sure everyone who follows me on Twitter, who follow this, want me to stfu about it.

The friend I’m doing this for said to take my times, so there is much less pressure on me. I want to be done with this soon, so I can give it to him and be finally done.

I’m having issues attaching the sides to the back. Once I’m past that, the rest will be a breeze.

finished pillow

I finished the pillow for my cousin. It’s really simple and I’m chuffed it looks pretty decent.

My sewing skills need more practice, at this point in time.

triangle shawl progress

Progress on the shawl.

I’ve not finished up all the triangles, but started attaching each row.

To take a picture, I folded it in half. The second row down’s bits aren’t weaved in.

It looks a bit odd, but will look much better when it’s finished and blocked.

second knitted house

I had so much fun knitting The Knob House, that I’m knitting a second house.

I’m not doing it the same way as last time.

In case, anyone was wondering, I decided to go with Big Cartel for an online shop. Looks like I need to change the seller’s permit but I’m good with the other stuff. For the time being, it will be under my name. Need to call BOE tomorrow. It would be annoying if I have to completely fill out a new permit with everything the same except the name. I do like the other name but I’m tired of waiting. It’s hard but I need to have more faith in myself. I’ve been putting it off and it’s time. When it’s finally open, I’ll link to it in my About page.

week 103



I finally started taking apart my friend’s backpack so I can use those pieces to make a new one. I didn’t realise there were so many parts.

I’m sneaking in fabric, on the inside, from his mum’s stash that he gave me after she passed away.

It will be done.


front and back shoulder seam

The pullover turned out to be bigger than I planned but still okay.

I like really loose tops but haven’t tried it on, so unsure just how loose.

Only one shoulder has been seamed.

Not sure how the sleeves will end up but will add to it if it is cap sleeved.

red roof

I’ve almost finished with the roof by knitting a wee chimney for it.

It’s just a matter of embroidery for windows, the main door and putting small eaves on a side, then stuffing the whole thing.

I’ve nicknamed the house The Knob House because of the chimney.

purple mini poncho

This is an experiment in what I will end up with. I assume it’ll be a small poncho but it’s not finished.

week 102

knitted house roof

Frogged the smaller sides and decided to make the front and back first, so I know exactly how big to knit the smaller sides. Rather than doing the reverse.

The tissue box is just to hold the walls and floors for now and a visual reminder to how big the whole house will become.

The end product will be stuffed.

knitted cardigan progress

This is the slow progress of the cardigan I’m knitting.

I only spent an afternoon or two on it.

This is what bothers me about knitting. I’m impatient and my progress is extremely slow.

The end result is always worth it, though.

triangle shawl

I was watching YouTube on Saturday and viewing random crochet videos and got an idea to make a triangular shawl made entirely out of triangles.

It’s not a new idea but want to see if I like the end result.

The color scheme isn’t finalized but I’ve decided on the second basic sketch. Either cream or off-white yarn will fill in the empty spaces, and to connect all the triangles.

back of crocheted top

This is the crochet top/pullover I started last week.

This is the back with a piece starting the front.

They’ll mirror each other and the sides will be seamed.

I haven’t decided if I want to add to it to make longer sleeves, because there will be short sleeves.

Also, haven’t decided if I wanted to add on an edging.

week eighty-one

blue circles

Haven’t woven any ends in for the last seven circles, but almost have ten circles completed. Just need two more than I can connect these to the first row of the circles rug.

red squares

This is for a project I have in the planning stages and don’t want to reveal too much, but it involves snail mail and….

The number I decided on was seven.

Each of these will hold something and are numbered. Two of them are numbered five, which, for some odd reason, I can’t seem to write out without it looking like a deformed J. I will probably try to write it out one more time and use that version. The numbers are covered up for that reason.

knit sweater sleeve

In my need to hurry up and knit the sleeves for my sweater, I forced myself to finish one sleeve today. It doesn’t exactly follow the sketch, because I was worried about running out of yarn. Still need to weave in the ends and then add this to one side.

Hopefully I can duplicate the other sleeve just by looking at this one. I have basic measurements of where I ended rows. Also, that I started off with 80 stitches. Also, everything knitted was done on a 36 inch US size 9 needle. The crocheted bits, I forget.

I want to add cuffs, but I’ll make those after both sleeves are done.

After the sleeves, just need to add edging, block the whole thing then can wear it.

I’m actually kinda proud that this is my first real knitting project that I will actually finish. It’s a shame I didn’t write down what I did as I went along and have a free pattern or whatever that people can have.

striped tank

The other knitting project.

This definitely needs to be lined if it will be worn as a tank.

There are a couple of holes but it doesn’t bother me that much. I can close the holes by sewing them shut and adding a pearl or another jewel, or just leave it open.

week seventy-seven


top of sweater body sweater body

I’m slowly reaching my goal of knitting an actual sweater, as opposed to the starting and stopping of so many knitting projects in the past.

After I finish the sleeves and add them to the rest of the sweater, the edging will be put on.

I could add a button placket but really want it to be open.

The project will be blocked after the whole thing is finished, to even it all out. The dimensions don’t need to change.

start of sleeves

I’m glad sleeves are the last things you knit, because I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Flipping through all my books and magazines to look at pattern schematics to figure it out does help a little.

In case anybody is curious, the next knitting project I will endeavor will be a written pattern from a magazine or book.

Having to figure everything out is hard, but I have to learn to be comfortable with the basics.


threading yarn into the white square

The white crochet square project.

After crocheting into the yarn, I didn’t like how it looked.

This looks a bit better, although I was just playing with the yarn and threading it through the squares.