week thirty-four

That was how much tape was used the first time around. I obviously went through more tape.


The end result sucked.

painting result

Another thing I am working on is the crochet dress.

I started on the skirt back.

Not sure how I will attach the two but it shouldn’t be hard. That harder part will be deciding how the top will look.

dress skirt back

There is also this other project, which I am not sure what it will turn into. I’m picturing a top of some sort but that could change. And, yes, it is lopsided.

unknown project

The eyelet dress is coming along, also. I’ve gotten this far.

I need to cut the interfacing for the middle bits then attach those, then can sew everything up, although I haven’t decided how to attach the tulle.

If I’m not careful, I might end up with a reversal dress, which would not be bad. Also, I’m unsure if I still want to dye the eyelet as it seems there is enough greenish blue in the lining.

dress pieces



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