week thirty-five

An update on the crochet dress. I have added seven rows since this was taken.

crochet dress skirt


I haven’t progress any farther for the lace dress as it is still in pieces on the ironing board waiting to be put together.


There is also some small projects.

On the left, this year’s Vogue Crochet issue.

On the right, I want to make a shawl with the knitting board and hand knitting. It’s experimental, in that I don’t have anything worked out. (I will learn how to knit and be comfortable with it. Someday. *sigh*)

I haven’t progressed further with the Catherine Wheel top.

The blue isn’t anything, just yarn around a book. How I used to store yarn before buying the yarn winder.


yarn and magazine


By the way, this is how I wind yarn. I split the skeins about halfway.

winding yarn

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