week fifty-six

afghan edge

Almost done with the afghan. Just have to put on the all over edging then finished.

knitting board piece

This is the finished piece off the knitting board. The plan is do more pieces on the knitting board then attach them together then probably come with up with another afghan.

knitted sweater

The knitted sweater is coming along much slower. Handknitting is a much harder process for me and I only do a few rows at a time. How on earth are there people that consider crocheters are magicians, when knitting is harder and takes way longer?

crochet shawl

This is the crochet shawl using up all the leftover Louisa Harding.  I don’t think I posted this project on my Ravelry account. Yes, I have one.  Do I use it as much as I should? No.

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