week sixty-nine

Slow output week as one main project has gotten most of my attention.

knitting project

I haven’t been keeping track of the rows, so this might end up being the front of a pullover, instead of the back of a cardigan. Although, it might look good either way.

As it is now, when I run out of the grey, I will knit a few rows of the blue by itself before mixing in the other blue skein. I want to use the other two and make a design over the knitting, although most likely it will be stripes.

Knitting is still the slowest thing to do in the world but so worth it.

I wanted to save these yarns for when I learn to weave but who knows when I’m able to learn that.

heart pillow

Did sneak in another thing.

I used this material last year to make tiny hearts for Dylan’s teachers and so decided a huge heart will do for the leftovers.

It took forever to stuff. I managed to get in all the fabric and yarn scraps, a fitted sheet for Dylan’s crib and a fitted sheet from my bed.

tiny zip up purse

Plus, this tiny little bag.

I sewed it the lazy way where I didn’t bother sewing up the inside lining separately than the outside so you can see the seams when you open it.

This bag also means I’ve officially run out of this fabric in my stash.

red tote bag

Speaking of bags, I’m redoing this one, making it shorter and attaching the handles differently.

Oh, and there is also the slow dismantling of the purple striped crochet dress. You’ll get a picture when it’s completely undone and in neat little balls. I should have just cut the damn thing but I like to make things more complicated than they are.

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