week eighty-five

The sweater is pretty much done, although it looks wonky and somewhat uneven because it hasn’t been blocked yet.

There is leftover yarn so want to put at least one pocket which can be attached later.

It’s also much heavier than I expected it to feel.

Still convinced this is a fairly decent job, even though I need way more practice seaming pieces together. The seams were crocheted together so it would be sturdier.

knitted sweater

I started another knitting project last week.

Lionbrand Pittsburgh Yellow from their Hometown USA line times three skeins.

I’m only on skein number two.

I made the body in two parts, because I didn’t count right the first time.

The big piece was cast on 21, while the smaller one was cast on 11, so with the sleeves I’ve had to cast on 33 (21+12=).

The sleeves will be garter stitch while the body, as you can tell, was knitted.

knitted shrug

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