week 159

The Purple Knit Hat


This is what it looked like after attaching everything together. Notice the ends aren’t weaved in. I put an edging but had to start all over.

I thought I was almost finished with the hat, but this is a horrible mess.


These are the four separate pieces. Notice one is completely different.


All of the yarn frogged. I am redrawing out a new plan to incorporate all the stitches and still broken down into four parts but not made in separate pieces.

I’ve added on a secret project to her hat so I hope my friend is okay with her package taking a bit longer than I had hoped.


The raglan ombre pullover


It fits quite well which is always a gamble when you make things without a plan. It’s a bit shorter than I hoped but it’s all easily fixable.

(Thankfully this picture cuts off the face I was making while taking shots.)


This is what it looks like spread out. One upper part is slightly puffy but it doesn’t feel different when worn.

I have to put on an edging all over but it’s pretty much done.

I need to probably block it and stretch it all out a bit to make it longer, but it feels nice as is. Except the waist. I don’t like things that end right below my belly button.

This is my first raglan sleeve sweater and the hardest part was figuring out that the armholes need to match otherwise there was no way you can attach them together.



I forgot to add this yesterday.

This started off as a project that I had on hand to keep my hands busy in case I ended up just sitting in the car.


It’s not all that clear but I’m reusing this yarn from that striped pullover I made last year or the year before.

It’s probably going to be end up as a shawl or scarf if I don’t make it into another pullover or cardigan.

The stitches are quite simple where it’s knit, purl, purl until the last stitch which is knit. The ribbing doesn’t look obvious but I like the openness of it all.

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