week 199

I’m nearly at the finish line to the Jorinde jacket being done. It’s pretty nice, even though I would change so much if I were ever to do it again. Just need to apply buttons, and I’m putting heavy duty snap buttons, rather than the self fabric ones I had sitting around for it, originally.

The pockets took forever. I have no idea what I kept doing wrong but kept sewing the living side of the pocket the wrong direction but it took way more tries than I thought necessary.

Once that part was to my liking, I finished both pockets and then stitched all around.

The cuffs turned out wonky because I didn’t adjust them, so at the same point, they sort of fold over. I just turned up the cuffs and not an issue.

pocket from lining side

After finally getting the living in the right direction, I had a raw edge when I attached the top to the main body.

pocket inside of jacket

Yes. I know there’s a hole one side but it’ll be on the inside, and only I can see it.

pocket outside of jacket

It’s not perfect. And, you can see all the previous stitching on the bias tape but it just adds to it.

I tried it on and it fits quite well.


The stitching is all wonky but don’t care. This was before I fixed the cuffs, collar and the bottom hem. Had hand sewn the collar but it came undone while attaching the lining.

It looks all pretty now. Good thing about the lining, is it won’t stick out when I have it on.

jacket without buttons

It doesn’t look even in front but it is and just needs buttons, but it’s pretty much done. It’s not as crisp without the interfacing but still like how it looks.

Thing about selfish sewing is it doesn’t have to be perfect, but if I was doing this for someone else, I would care more about the funny bits.

There are matching pants but not sure if they still fit. Need to fix the waistband for the pants after trying them on.


I’ve already decided my next project.

It will be house two.


Cast on 45. Then did a quick calculation and my math was slightly off, but from stitches 10-15 and 30-35, starting on the second purl side, the “doors” will be placed. It’ll be 14 inches high and not sure the width. The four doors will be on two sides, while the other two will be three doors.

It’s not this one but really want to make a wee knitted dollhouse, where you can open one side and not sure how to manage that, so it’s still in the planning stages.

I want to start making knit houses on commission but not sure how to manage that either. Also, need to get the shop up and running. I have no idea why I keep stopping myself from actually doing it.

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