week 207

Things didn’t actually settle down until last weekend, and slowly the projects are returning to being in various stages of being finished.

I spent last week and part of the weekend trying to make a proper baby or toddler’s hat and booties.

first baby hat attempt

First attempt wasn’t great.

second baby hat attempt

Neither was the second attempt. And, yes, I own a Cabbage Patch kid. I have two.

third baby hat attempt

Third wasn’t great either. I realised using the Cabbage Patch kid, his head is smaller than my aim, so I used a teddy bear with a slightly bigger head.

I made four attempts and, for some reason, using the size H (5.00mm) hook was making the hat look too small. So, I went up, to an I (5.50mm) and went from there.

crocheted booties, hat and pom poms

It actually produced work that looked good, although it was a bit huge. I figured it was 100% wool so if I felt the work, it would shrink.

crochet hat on Dylan

It didn’t shrink. It just got softer. The hottest heat in the washer and dryer did not make it smaller. Had I known that, I would have just turned that pullover sweater from Banana Republic into a small blanket. Not bothered frogging all of it, thrown all of it in the washer and dryer and just cut it into pieces.

crochet hat and booties on teddy bear

This is what the hat and the booties look on the teddy bear. I feel bad because no baby has a head that huge, and it was commissioned from my sister-in-law because my niece’s music teacher is about to have her baby any day now.



I’ve finally gotten to the second colour on this project. I want to make a pullover and this will be in the front.


close up of progress on knitted top using redheart yarn

I have absolutely no idea how many times I’ve frogged this yarn and reknit. I can’t seem to make things not twist when it comes to knitting in a circle. This time around, I’m knitting from the sleeves down. I’m going to put lace panels in various places so this is one huge experiment.


house two front


This had been sitting around for a while and I messed up on the stitches but it still looks pretty decent. I was going to add another row of windows but decided to go this route, with just one row of windows. I’m going to add a roof to the sides and back.

Also, took this picture yesterday. I had a chance to redo my toenails today so they’re not that messed up.


start of the knitted vest

Today, I decided to make a vest for Dylan and started knitting two yarns from Premier Yarns together. Deborah Norville’s Wool Naturals yarn in Oatmeal, which there is three skeins, and Deborah Norville’s Everyday Soft Worsted Heathers yarn in Terracotta, which I have two, which would be 600+406 yards, or about 990 metres.

I loosely measured around him and he’s about 27 inches around, or 68.58cm. I measured from the base of his neck to around his waist, and that was 16 inches, or 40.64cm.


By the way, I am slowly working on the dress but there are no pictures. Had to remeasure the sleeve because I cut it wrong.

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